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Originally Posted by DigitalBeing View Post
I have the P7 and the 456 Air 1/Air 2 adapter and both of them are total garbage. The P7 can't read or write to at least half of the nands I've thrown at it. The online software is full of bugs, the ipad 456 adapter can't read or write to any devices over 64gb, the build quality of the 456 adapter is horrible, the springs on mine broke within the first week, and I also have the jc pro 1000s and it has so many issues I can't even count them.

Anyone thinking of buying a programmer should read as much as possible before getting invested. The JC line of modules is very appealing but if the other units are anyuthing like the junk I received I'd rarther spend the money elsewhere,
too me i've Jc host pro1000 and family , about the adapter 456 (nand in lga standard) not support the damned Toshiba Nand 32-64 but anyway i've solve on ipad air 1 and 2 serial with 128 gb nand , 16gb (toshiba) and 64gb (sandisk) but always formatting and rewriting the partitions contrary to their procedure which seems easy...
About Toshiba nand these nand are not supported also from other programmer and the bad thing is that they are present on a good 70 percent of the iPad air and air 2 so if JC made an effort to update their software to write these toshiba would be perfect but instead like many manufacturers of similar tools develop an exceptional tool and then leave it and focus on others ..
I've also NandPro and seems to support these Toshiba with adapter but this item seems unobtainable in the market so need to remove the nand.
You've right bad support with the software while some their tool are good.
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