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Image File: CPH1819EX_11_A.30_190420_ec586eef.ofp
Image Size: 7.025.960.084
Image Type: Oppo Flash Pack
Proj. Name: 180405
DAA_AUTH_FILE Saved as: auth_sv5.auth
EFUSE_CONFIG Saved as: 17331-efuse_oppo6771.xml
EFUSE_INI Saved as: Efuse.ini
Projectconfig.xml Saved as: Projectconfig.xml
all-in-one-signature.bin Saved as: all-in-one-signature.bin
boot Saved as: boot.img
cache Saved as: cache.img
cam_vpu1 Saved as: cam_vpu1.img
cam_vpu2 Saved as: cam_vpu2.img
cam_vpu3 Saved as: cam_vpu3.img
lk Saved as: lk.img
lk2 Saved as: lk.img
logo Saved as: logo.bin
md1img Saved as: md1img.img
odm Saved as: odm.img
odmdtbo Saved as: odmdtbo.img
oppo_custom_17171 Saved as: oppo_custom_17171.img
oppo_custom_17179 Saved as: oppo_custom_17179.img
oppo_custom_17199 Saved as: oppo_custom_17199.img
oppo_custom_17331 Saved as: oppo_custom_17331.img
preloader Saved as: preloader_oppo6771_17331.bin
recovery Saved as: recovery.img
scatter Saved as: MT6771_Android_scatter.txt
scp1 Saved as: scp.img
scp2 Saved as: scp.img
spmfw Saved as: spmfw.img
sspm_1 Saved as: sspm.img
sspm_2 Saved as: sspm.img
system Saved as: system.img
system.sig Saved as: system.sig
tee1 Saved as: tee.img
tee2 Saved as: tee.img
userdata Saved as: userdata.img
userdata.sig Saved as: userdata.sig
vendor Saved as: vendor.img
vendor.sig Saved as: vendor.sig
Partitions Configuration Saved as: PartitionNames.cfg
Extracted and Saved: 36 Files
Path: C:\Users\TEAM DROID\Desktop\CPH1819EX_11_A.30_190420_ec586eef_EX \

Var OPPO-F7 (F7 LTE DS CPH1819) at USB Auto Select [MTK] {Write Flash}
Scatter : MT6771_Android_scatter.txt
BR USB Com: Vid_0e8d&Pid_0003 (BROM)
DA Agent : DA_OPPO_F7_1.bin
BR ComPort: COM401
BR Asic Id: MT0788 [0000] Alias: MT6771
BR Asic Sw: 8A00 CA00 0000 0000
BR Secured: E5 [SBC DAA]
DA AgentId: SA48EA4712EAC8E04D
DA Version: [email protected]
Auth File : Oppo_F7_auth_sv5.auth
Auth FiId : SA666586BB7EEF4922
DA ProtVer: 4
PR DlagVer: 1.0
PR BootMod: brom
EMI PreLdr: preloader_oppo6771_17331.bin
EMI TagVer: 36
EMI Config: Ok
DA Asic Id: MT0788 [8A00 CA00 0000 0000 0000]
eMMC BOOT1: 0x0000000000400000 [4.194.304] 4 MB
eMMC BOOT2: 0x0000000000400000 [4.194.304] 4 MB
eMMC RPMB : 0x0000000000400000 [4.194.304] 4 MB
eMMC USER : 0x0000000E8F800000 [62.537.072.640] 58.24 GB
eMMC CID : 90014A484347386134A249B18024C413 [HCG8a4]
ERAM Size : 0x00000000C0000000 [] 3 GB
IRAM Size : 0x0000000000040000 [262.144] 256 KB
UNICAL RID: 5E63B2D1F713309F48E88F7C6FDC8F12
DA USBconf: high-speed
PGPT Found: 49 Partition Entries
SGPT Found: 49 Partition Entries
Partitions to Flash: 23 (57.83 GB)
Set AllInOne Signature: all-in-one-signature.bin
Preloader: preloader_oppo6771_17331.bin
Write preloader 268.02 KB, Done in: 00:00.546
Write preloader_backup 268.02 KB, Done in: 00:00.499
Write recovery 39.27 MB, Done in: 00:02.933 (Verified)
Write md1img 69.08 MB, Done in: 00:04.929 (Verified)
Write spmfw 39.56 KB, Done in: 00:00.187 (Verified)
Write scp1 792.38 KB, Done in: 00:00.281 (Verified)
Write scp2 792.38 KB, Done in: 00:00.234 (Verified)
Write sspm_1 444.47 KB, Done in: 00:00.234 (Verified)
Write sspm_2 444.47 KB, Done in: 00:00.172 (Verified)
Write cam_vpu1 1.57 MB, Done in: 00:00.343 (Verified)
Write cam_vpu2 10.98 MB, Done in: 00:01.155 (Verified)
Write cam_vpu3 4.99 MB, Done in: 00:00.702 (Verified)
Write lk 1.42 MB, Done in: 00:00.343 (Verified)
Write lk2 1.42 MB, Done in: 00:00.234 (Verified)
Write boot 10.7 MB, Done in: 00:01.201 (Verified)
Write logo 4.53 MB, Done in: 00:00.718 (Verified)
Write odmdtbo 358.02 KB, Done in: 00:00.218 (Verified)
Write tee1 482.33 KB, Done in: 00:00.312 (Verified)
Write tee2 482.33 KB, Done in: 00:00.265 (Verified)
Write odm 6.1 MB, Done in: 00:00.733 (Sparsed)
Set External Signature: vendor.sig
Write vendor 1.01 GB, Done in: 00:45.458 (Sparsed)
Set External Signature: system.sig
Write system 2.89 GB, Done in: 02:05.861 (Sparsed)
Write cache 8.63 MB, Done in: 00:00.920 (Sparsed)
Set External Signature: userdata.sig
Write userdata 2.48 GB, Done in: 01:47.625 (Sparsed)
Write Done in : 04:58.475
DA Shutdown Done, Disconnect Cable
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