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Originally Posted by layder View Post
Z3X Emmc Manager 1.17 release

!! Requires firmware v1 of the box> = 1.62 / v2 of the box> = 2.29 !!
!! The program requires the activated Z3X CARD (JTAG) !!

- Updated SQLite library to 3.24.0
- Fixed bug when extracting contacts
- Fixed bug when closing session resulting in data corruption
- Improved extraction from store.vol (additional fields)
- New store.vol location paths added
- Improved detection of contact names when retrieving from store.vol
- Added blocking of voltage selection when working in E-Socket mode (v2 Box)
- Enhanced Extensensic mode
- Added support for markup for nVidia from Rom2 / Rom3
- Mass change of Attributes for selected files / folders is added
- Added change / mass change UID / GID for selected files / folders (EXT4)
- Added the ability to bulk upload files / folders to EXT4 / FAT (Upload Folder)
- Added automatic saving and restoration of Attributes / UID / GID / XATTR when replacing the file (EXT4 / FAT)
- For the first time in the World - SELinux / XATTR support for EXT4
- Added display of all SELinux / XATTR in the Properties window (View Properties)
- Added Add / Edit / Bulk add / change SELinux / XATTR for selected files / folders (EXT4)
- Changed default rights for new files / folders when creating (EXT4) Files - 644, folders - 775, symlink - 775
- Added Removing Notes from Samsung Devices (Tools / Extract tab of Samsung Memo)
- Added extraction of Notes from Notepad ++ application (Tools / Extract Contacts / SMS tab)
- Added extraction of Notes from the GreenDield application (Tools / Extract Contacts / SMS tab)
- Added Extract Hash and Salt for hacking Android Password (Crack Android PIN Code)
- Added automatic decryption of Android PIN (digital password) for Android 2.xx - 5.xx (Crack Android PIN Code)
- Added the change of the mount point of the partition after recording by vendor (Requires HTC, etc. otherwise bootloop)
- Added verification for writing / erasing, (Disable in settings - Check Write / Erase Data)
- Added shortening of logs when retrieving data (Disable in settings - Show Less Debug Data)
- Added fast check of sections on "emptiness" (Thanks to InfinityBox / JayDi) (Disables in settings - Empty Check)
- Many small and inconspicuous changes =)

Empty test is displayed when accessing a section on the Browser tab:
TRUE = Section is empty,
FALSE = Data is in the partition,
DATA = The partition contains the file system.

Decryption Android PIN supports Android 2.xx - 5.xx, file password.key, gatekeeper. * NOT supported.

Decryption of the alphanumeric password takes a long time, therefore it is not implemented. Use third-party utilities. (For example - oclHashCat)

Adding / Changing SELinux / XATTR - requires knowledge of these add-ons. security rights. Do not try to enter incorrect values.

Some function are requared third party licence (world licence)
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