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Originally Posted by soltacom View Post

New IMEI 1 : 869614xxxxxxxxx
New IMEI 2 : 869614xxxxxxxxx
New downgrade/customization limitations : UNLOCKED
2020-06-01 09:02:48.574 Connecting to server...
2020-06-01 09:02:48.839 Connected!
BOOTLOADER selected to update:Kirin970_T1_A8.1_V6
2020-06-01 09:02:50.139 Downloading bootloader...
2020-06-01 09:02:50.148 Find device COM79, handle 10220
FILE TO download: Kirin970_T1_A8.1_V6_3.dtwork
downloading file Kirin970_T1_A8.1_V6_3.dtwork...
2020-06-01 09:02:51.894 Success
FILE TO download: Kirin970_T1_A8.1_V6_4.dtwork
downloading file Kirin970_T1_A8.1_V6_4.dtwork...
2020-06-01 09:02:52.627 Success
FILE TO download: Kirin970_T1_A8.1_V6_5.dtwork
downloading file Kirin970_T1_A8.1_V6_5.dtwork...
2020-06-01 09:03:41.978 Success
2020-06-01 09:03:41.995 Bootloader write success!
2020-06-01 09:03:41.997 Waiting for device REMOVAL/INSERTION...
2020-06-01 09:03:47.448 Device ready!
2020-06-01 09:03:47.563 Found fastboot device: FJH5T18625006888
2020-06-01 09:03:47.642 Reading info...
2020-06-01 09:03:48.676 Read signed IMEI FAIL!
2020-06-01 09:03:51.048 Missing signed files in secure partition!
2020-06-01 09:03:51.052 Done!

Fastboot provided info:
Model: PAR-LX1
Firmware: PAR-LGRP2-OVS
SN: FJH5T18625006888
PCB SN: 5T5JJQ186N042027
BT MAC: 3CCD5D476468
Bootloader FB lock: unlocked
Bootloader User lock: locked
CPU: kirin970
Theme color: black
Device color: purple

Found NV data:
Modems: 3
IMEI1: 869........
IMEI2: 869..........
IMEI3: 869............
PESN: 801C55BA
MEID: A00..........

Found OEM data:
Model: PAR-L21
Firmware: PAR-LX1
Rescue: rescue:PRA-LX1C432B161
Vendor: hw
Country: eu
Version limitation: ON
Bootloader User lock: locked
RD mode: OFF
Phone ID: 187C0A6C16E24F8
2020-06-01 09:03:55.417 Repairing...
2020-06-01 09:03:55.431 Missing IMEI files in secure partition!
This error indicates that modem_secure partition is most likely corrupted therefore imei repair won't work until you reflash this partition backup from same fully working phone. This process could further damage the device, if you would like to try flashing it regardless, then please let us know about it by writing PM or by coming to support chat from DC-unlocker website, we will provide file for attempt.

Originally Posted by babu786 View Post
6/1/2020 11:57:09 AM
HCU Client v1.0.0.0358
Account: malik2020

Before operation turn phone to TestPoint mode:
Turn off phone, then short TestPoint on phone pcb
and plug USB cable
Wait for device "HUAWEI USB COM 1.0" in Ports

2020-06-01 11:57:10.213 Fixed IMEI1 CRC: 358965897897890
New IMEI 1 : 358965897897890
New downgrade/customization limitations : UNLOCKED
2020-06-01 11:57:10.213 Connecting to server...
2020-06-01 11:57:10.712 Connected!
BOOTLOADER selected to update:Kirin970_T2_A8.1_V5
2020-06-01 11:57:11.820 Downloading bootloader...
2020-06-01 11:57:11.836 Find device COM53, handle 10036
FILE TO download: Kirin970_T2_A8.1_V5_3.dtwork
downloading file Kirin970_T2_A8.1_V5_3.dtwork...
2020-06-01 11:57:14.035 Success
FILE TO download: Kirin970_T2_A8.1_V5_4.dtwork
downloading file Kirin970_T2_A8.1_V5_4.dtwork...
2020-06-01 11:57:14.956 Success
FILE TO download: Kirin970_T2_A8.1_V5_5.dtwork
downloading file Kirin970_T2_A8.1_V5_5.dtwork...
2020-06-01 11:58:00.882 Success
2020-06-01 11:58:00.929 Bootloader write success!
2020-06-01 11:58:00.929 Waiting for device REMOVAL/INSERTION...
2020-06-01 11:58:07.155 Device ready!
2020-06-01 11:58:11.645 Phone not found !
Memo log saved to C:\Users\shaz\Desktop\HCU CLIENT\HCU_358\Logs\20200601_115812_hcu._XloaderRe pair_.txt
what is the issue sir because it shows phone not fount after it restart from com 1.0 to fastboot mode
Please check with other available loaders for your phone's cpu version, also monitor device manager and check if phone enters/remains in fastboot after loading it.
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