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Originally Posted by Yashbanswara View Post
Hello Everyone Today In My Shop Come Oppo Realme 2 ( RMX1805 ) With Pattern Lock Than I Do This & Remove Pattern Lock Successfully Via Easy JTAG

Before & After Images

Read Info & All LOG:

Z3X EasyJtag Software ver.
Loading eMMC GEN1 Firmware... IO: 3300 mV
Box S/N: XXXXXXXXX, ,FW Ver.: 01.63
CMD Pullup Level:1773 mV
CMD Active Level:2495 mV
Box IO Level:3300 mV
CLK Rate:7000 kHz
Bus Width:1bit,SDR
HiPower mode is ON!
Can't init device, Reason: CMD Timeout Error 

Z3X EasyJtag Software ver.
Loading eMMC GEN1 Firmware... IO: 3300 mV
Box S/N: 0XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, ,FW Ver.: 01.63
CMD Pullup Level:2041 mV
CMD Active Level:3011 mV
Box IO Level:3300 mV
CLK Rate:7000 kHz
Bus Width:1bit,SDR
HiPower mode is ON!
---------- eMMC Device Information ----------

eMMC CID : 150100474436424D42014105077155EE
eMMC CSD : D02701320F5903FFF6DBFFEF8E40400C
eMMC Manufacturer ID: 0015 , OEM ID: 0100
eMMC Date: 05/2018  Rev.0x1
eMMC NAME (HEX): 474436424D42 
EMMC ROM1 (Main User Data)   Capacity: 29820 MB
EMMC ROM2 (Boot Partition 1) Capacity: 4096 kB
EMMC ROM3 (Boot Partition 2) Capacity: 4096 kB
EMMC RPMB (Replay Protected Memory Block) Capacity: 4096 kB
EMMC RPMB is programmed and written 27928 times
EMMC Permanent Write Protection: No
EMMC Temporary Write Protection: No
EMMC Password Locked: No
  Extended CSD rev 1.8 (MMC 5.1)
Boot configuration [PARTITION_CONFIG: 0x38] Boot from:ROM1 (Main User Area)
Boot bus config [177]: 0x00 , width 1bit  , Partition config [179]: 0x38.
H/W reset function [RST_N_FUNCTION]: 0x01
High-capacity WP group size [HC_WP_GRP_SIZE: 0x00004000]
Partitioning Support [PARTITIONING_SUPPORT]: 0x07
 Device support partitioning feature
 Device can have enhanced tech.
Partitioning Setting [PARTITION_SETTING_COMPLETED]: 0x00
Backup saved: GD6BMB_XXXXXXXXXXXXXX_20190626_1145.extcsd
Partition table scan:
 GPT: present
Found valid GPT with protective MBR; using GPT.
Real (Hardware) Disk/Image size: 3A3E000 sectors 29.1 GiB 
Soft (Partitioned) Disk/Image size: 3A3DFBC sectors 29.1 GiB 
Logical sector size: 0x200  bytes
Disk identifier (GUID): 98101B32-BBE2-4BF2-A06E-2BB33D000C20
First usable sector: 34
Last usable sector: 61071326
Partition info successfully found
Found Data areas (firmware parts) count is: 64 
P0 (OPPODYCNVBK) [0x5000 0xa00000] Size: 10.0MB
P1 (OPPOSTANVBK) [0xa05000 0xa00000] Size: 10.0MB
P2 (MODEMST1) [0x1405000 0x180000] Size: 1.500MB
P3 (MODEMST2) [0x1585000 0x180000] Size: 1.500MB
P4 (PERSIST) [0x1705000 0x2000000] Size: 32.0MB
P5 (OPPORESERVE1) [0x3705000 0x800000] Size: 8.0MB
P6 (OPPORESERVE2) [0x3f05000 0x4000000] Size: 64.0MB
P7 (FSC) [0x7f05000 0x400] Size: 1.0KB
P8 (SSD) [0x7f06000 0x2000] Size: 8.0KB
P9 (SBL1) [0x7f08000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P10 (RPM) [0x7f88000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P11 (TZ) [0x8008000 0x200000] Size: 2.0MB
P12 (DEVCFG) [0x8208000 0x40000] Size: 256.0KB
P13 (SBL1BAK) [0x8248000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P14 (RPMBAK) [0x82c8000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P15 (TZBAK) [0x8348000 0x200000] Size: 2.0MB
P16 (DEVCFGBAK) [0x8548000 0x40000] Size: 256.0KB
P17 (DSP) [0x8588000 0x1000000] Size: 16.0MB
P18 (DDR) [0x9800000 0x8000] Size: 32.0KB
P19 (FSG) [0x9808000 0x400000] Size: 4.0MB
P20 (SEC) [0x9c08000 0x4000] Size: 16.0KB
P21 (ABOOT) [0x9c0c000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P22 (ABOOTBAK) [0x9d0c000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P23 (MODEM) [0x9e0c000 0x8000000] Size: 128.0MB
P24 (DTBO) [0x11e0c000 0x800000] Size: 8.0MB
P25 (VBMETA) [0x1260c000 0x10000] Size: 64.0KB
P26 (BOOT) [0x1261c000 0x4000000] Size: 64.0MB
P27 (RECOVERY) [0x1661c000 0x4000000] Size: 64.0MB
P28 (DEVINFO) [0x1a61c000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P29 (SPLASH) [0x1a800000 0xb00000] Size: 11.0MB
P30 (LOGO) [0x1b300000 0x2000000] Size: 32.0MB
P31 (DRIVER) [0x1d300000 0x2000000] Size: 32.0MB
P32 (CACHE) [0x1f300000 0x10000000] Size: 256.0MB
P33 (MISC) [0x2f300000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P34 (KEYSTORE) [0x2f400000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P35 (CONFIG) [0x2f480000 0x8000] Size: 32.0KB
P36 (LOG) [0x2f488000 0x4000000] Size: 64.0MB
P37 (OEM) [0x33488000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P38 (LIMITS) [0x33800000 0x8000] Size: 32.0KB
P39 (MOTA) [0x34000000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P40 (DIP) [0x34080000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P41 (MDTP) [0x34180000 0x2000000] Size: 32.0MB
P42 (SYSCFG) [0x36180000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P43 (MCFG) [0x36200000 0x400000] Size: 4.0MB
P44 (LKSECAPP) [0x36800000 0x20000] Size: 128.0KB
P45 (CMNLIB) [0x36820000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P46 (CMNLIB64) [0x36920000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P47 (KEYMASTER) [0x36a20000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P48 (LKSECAPPBAK) [0x36b20000 0x20000] Size: 128.0KB
P49 (CMNLIBBAK) [0x36b40000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P50 (CMNLIB64BAK) [0x36c40000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P51 (KEYMASTERBAK) [0x36d40000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P52 (APDP) [0x37000000 0x40000] Size: 256.0KB
P53 (MSADP) [0x37040000 0x40000] Size: 256.0KB
P54 (DPO) [0x37080000 0x2000] Size: 8.0KB
P55 (LOGDUMP) [0x37082000 0x4000000] Size: 64.0MB
P56 (VM-KYSTORE) [0x3b082000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P57 (VM-DATA) [0x3b182000 0xa00000] Size: 10.0MB
P58 (HYP) [0x3c000000 0x800000] Size: 8.0MB
P59 (VM-SYSTEM) [0x3c800000 0x4000000] Size: 64.0MB
P60 (VM-LINUX) [0x40800000 0x2000000] Size: 32.0MB
P61 (SYSTEM) [0x42800000 0xd6900000] Size: 3.352GB
P62 (VENDOR) [0x119100000 0x41f60000] Size: 1.30GB
P63 (USERDATA) [0x15b800000 0x5ec3fbe00] Size: 23.690GB
------ Android information ------
Detected LINUX(Android) SYSTEM : 0x0042800000 (3.352GB)
Build ID:  OPM1.171019.026
Release Base ID:  8.1.0
Architecture ABI:  arm64-v8a
Device manufacturer:  OPPO
Build Description:  S88051AA1-user 8.1.0 OPM1.171019.026 eng.root.20190516.094149 release-keys
Detected USERDATA USERDATA : 0x015B800000 (23.690GB)
Unable to mount USERDATA , code : 95

Selected eMMC Interface
Remove Pattern Lock

Remove FRP Lock


Thanks & Regards By:All TECH 4 You

This was my post. but my easybjtag box v1 has been BURN ,Now I am wandering every now and then For Buy Z3X Easy-Jtag Plus Full Upgrade Set In INDIA because
In INDIA every Reseller on Sell Z3X Easy-Jtag Plus Full Set not sell Z3X Easy-Jtag Plus Full Upgrade Set at this time I have no more money

All info give in this threat

Thanks & Regards By:AllTECH 4 You
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