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you have skills abot phone repairing or no? if no - dont waiste time and bring it to repair shop.
if you are new technician so here is solutions:
1. most common issue - broken flex cable in screen. to fix this issue you can replace even full screen, or only this flex. to make this job you must very VERY carefully remove screen shield which one is glued. its very dangerous job as you can damage the screen. to make jis job am always using CLEAR tweezers, preheater and miscroscope
2. Bended screen ar home button connector in the board. To make this job you must even bend back connector very lighty with CLEAN tweezers - even to replace it with hot air.
3. Sometimes some small components like resistors or coils is falling from its posisions in the area of connectors. And ****. They are glued under compaund. To make this job you must to have microscoee and very easy try to check the soldering quality on the board. Must to have very good skills to make this job.
4. Faulty home button. Maybe the button is broken/faulty. It is very easy to damage this button in dissasembling. So if you damaged it - here is 2 ways. If the flex is cut - just replace the home button with a REWA copy. And say bye bye to finger print function. Unfortunatly it is not possible to replace button with other original. Only copy from REWA . Sometimes the problem is faulty ic or broken one of small components on the flex. To make this job you need very good soldering skills, microscope and hot air machine.
That is. Here is the common issues.
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