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realme c3 cant unlock why?


Make sure phone battery level is at least 10%!
Waiting for device... COM3
Connection : USB 1.0 High-Speed
USB Driver : [MediaTek Inc.] wdm_usb - Version :
Boot Mode : BOOTROM [0E8D:0003]
Handshaking... OK
Reading hardware info... OK
Hardware code : MT6769 [0x707]
Hardware sw : 8A00 CA00 0000
Security Config : [0xE5] [SCB : Yes] [SLA : No] [DAA : Yes]
MEID : 9CA3746A3DA13CB60EFA82546363ABFC
Booting META mode... OK
Make sure phone battery level is at least 10%!
Waiting for device... COM50
Connection : USB 2.0 High-Speed
USB Driver : [Microsoft] usbser - Version : 10.0.19041.906
Boot Mode : PRELOADER [22D9:0006]
Authenticating... OK
Initializing META... OK
Connecting to META... OK [Ver:0] [Rate:921600]
Reading Software Info... OK
Brand : realme
Board : oppo6769
Platform : mt6768
Model : RMX2020
Android : 10
Security Patch : 2021-02-05
Build ID : RMX2020_11_A.59
Build Date : Thu Feb 18 12:55:24 CST 2021
General error.
UNLOCKTOOL 2022.04.19.0
Elapsed time : 39 seconds

what can i do to unlock this phone?

Originally Posted by ChuyenMobileGsm View Post
Welcome People GSM FORUM !
UnlockTool Team announce features official for Tool , we are happy report Tool About .


- Flash firmware without authorization CPU Qualcomm and MTK models.
- Reset Mi Cloud now will also disable Mi Cloud (lock & unlock bootloader
- Possible Unlock bootloader CPU Qualcomm with file unlocked flash EDL.
- Support host file disable Mi Cloud + blocked OTA update with bootloader
unlocked for UnlockTool Team .
- Factory Reset | remove FRP .
- Backup EFS | Restore EFS | Wipe EFS.
- Install TWRP | Root | Reset Mi Cloud | Remove Mi Cloud EU
- Bypass Mi Cloud via adb

* List models supported disable Mi Cloud bootloader locked one click EDL
Xiaomi Mi 5 (Gemini)
Xiaomi Mi 5S (Capricorn)
Xiaomi Mi 5S (Capricorn)
Xiaomi Mi 5X (Tiffany)
Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus (natrium)
Xiaomi Mi 6 (Sagit)
Xiaomi Mi 6X (Wayne)
Xiaomi Mi 8 (dipper)
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite (platina)
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro (equuleus)
Xiaomi Mi 8 SE (Sirius)
Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite (pyxis)
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE (grus)
Xiaomi Mi CC9 (pyxis)
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Meitu Edition (vela)
Xiaomi Mi CC9e (laurus)
Xiaomi Mi Max (Hydrogen)
Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (Oxygen)
Xiaomi Mi Max 3 (Nitrogen)
Xiaomi Mi Mix (Lithum)
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (Chiron)
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (Polaris)
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (perseus)
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G (andromeda)
Xiaomi PocoPhone F1 (beryllium)
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (vince)
Xiaomi Redmi 5A (riva)
Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro (sakur'a)
Xiaomi Redmi 7A (pine)
Xiaomi Redmi 8 (olive)
Xiaomi Redmi 8 Dual (olivewood)
Xiaomi Redmi 8A (olivelite)
Xiaomi Redmi 8A Pro (olivedual)
Xiaomi Redmi Go (tiare)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Nikel)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X (Mido)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Vince)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Plus (Vince)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A (Ugg)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro (tulip)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (lavender)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T (willow)
Xiaomi Redmi Pro (omega)
Xiaomi Redmi S2 (ysl)
Xiaomi Redmi Y2 (ysl)


- Factory Reset MTK with meta mode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 new method , Possible
Losing Storage Data (photo, music,...)
- Factory Reset Brom mode MTK new security format data safe
- Flash frimware | Extract OFP File
- Remove Knox | Wipe EFS
- Backup/Backup NVRAM

*list supported models factory reset :

Meta Mode
Oppo A83 CPH1729
Oppo F5 CPH1723/CPH1725
Oppo F7 CPH1819/CPH1859
Oppo F9 CPH1823
Oppo A1K CPH1923
Oppo A91 PCPM00
Oppo A91 CPH2021/CPH2001
Oppo A11K CPH2071T
Oppo A12 CPH2083
Oppo A12 CPH2077
Oppo R15 CPH1835
Oppo A31 CPH2029
Oppo A31 CPH2031
Oppo A31 CPH2081
Oppo Reno Z PCDT10
Oppo Reno Z PCDM10
Oppo Reno Z CPH1979
Oppo Reno2 F CPH1989
Oppo Reno2 Z DS CPH1951
Oppo Reno2 Z PCKM70
Oppo Reno2 Z PCKT00
Oppo Reno2 Z PCKM00
Oppo Reno2 Z CPH1945
Oppo Reno2 Z CPH1951
Oppo Reno2 Z PCKM80
Oppo Reno3 CPH2043
Oppo Reno3 Pro CPH2035
Oppo Reno3 Pro CPH2036
Oppo Reno3 Pro CPH2037
Oppo Reno4 F CPH2209
Oppo Reno4 Lite CPH2125
Oppo F17 Pro CPH2119
Realme C11 RMX2181
Realme C11 RMX2182
Realme C11 RMX2187
Realme C12 RMX2189
Realme C15 RMX2186
Realme C15 RMX2180
Realme C20 RMX3061
Realme 6 /6i RMX2001 | RMX2042
Oppo Reno4 SE PEAM00 | PEAT00
Oppo Reno4 Z 5G CPH2065
Oppo Reno5 F CPH2217
Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G CPH2201
Oppo F19 Pro CPH2285
Oppo F19 Pro 5G
Oppo F19 Pro Plus CPH2213
Oppo A92S PDKM00
Realme V3
Realme V5 5G RMX2111
Realme X7 RMX2176
Realme X7 Pro RMX2121
Realme Q2 Pro RMX2173
Realme Q2i RMX2200
Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G RMX2151PU
Realme Narzo 30A RMX3171

Brom Mode :
Oppo A1k CPH1923
Oppo A11K CPH2071
Oppo A12 CPH2083
Oppo A12s CPH2077
Oppo A3 PADT00 / PADM00
Oppo A8 2019 PDBM00
Oppo A9 PCAM10/CPH1938
Oppo A15 Global CPH2185
Oppo A31 CPH2015/CPH2073
Oppo A93 CPH2121
Oppo F11 CPH1911
Oppo F11 Pro CPH1969
Oppo Reno2 F CPH1989
Oppo Reno2 Z CPH1945|CPH1951
Oppo Reno 3 CPH2043
Oppo Reno 3 Pro CPH2035 | 2036
Oppo F17 Pro CPH211
Realme C2 RMX1941
Realme C2s RMX1941
Realme C3 RMX2027
Realme C3i RMX2020
Realme 3 RMX1821
Realme 3 RMX1822
Realme 3 MX1823
Realme 3 RMX1825
Realme C12 RMX2185


- Huawei Kirin 5% Upgrade Flash - Huawei Qualcomm Upgrade Flash
- Huawei File Flash Remove FRP With Safe Mode
- Change Oeminfo Flash Rom Global
- Unlocked Fastboot Remove FRP + Unbrick Testpoint USB 1.0 Kirin 650, Kirin
655, Kirin 658, Kirin 659, Kirin 955, Kirin 960, Kirin 970, Kirin 710,
Kirin 980
- Dump partitions fastboot unlocked


- Factory Reset | FRP

CPU Qualcomm/Factory Reset/Erase FRP
Vivo Y20(PD2034F)/Y20i(V2027)/Y20s(V2029)
Vivo V19 1933(PD1969F)
Vivo V20 (PD2038F - PD2039F)
Vivo V20 Pro(PD2020)
Vivo iQOO 855 (PD1824F)
Vivo IQOO Pro (PD1922F&PD1916F)
Vivo IQOO Neo (PD1936F)
Vivo IQOO Neo 3 5G(PD1981_A)
Vivo IQOO Neo (PD1914A/PD1914T)
Vivo NEX 3 (PD1924F)
Vivo S1 Pro (PD1945F)/S1 PRIME (PD1945GF)
Vivo Y9s (PD1945)/Y50 (PD1965 , PD1965F)
Vivo U3X (PD1928)/U10 (PD1928F)/U20 (PD1941F)
Vivo V9 Youth / Y85 (PD1730BF)
Vivo Y11 2019 (PD1930F)
Vivo Y12i (PD1930F)
Vivo X20 (PD1709F)/ X21 (PD1728F)
Vivo X23 ((PD1816_A)New
Vivo X27 Pro (PD1836)/X27 (PD1838)
Vivo V17 (PD1948F)/V17 Pro (PD1931F)
Vivo V15 Pro (PD1832F)
Vivo V20 2021 PD1913F
Vivo IQOO 5 PD2024
Vivo IQOO 7 PD2049
Vivo IQOO Pro 5G PD1916
Vivo Nex 3S 5G PD1950 | PD1950F
Vivo S7 PD2020
Vivo U1X PD2065
Vivo U3 | Z5i PD1941A|T
Vivo Y31S PD2054
Vivo Z1X 2021 PD2012
Vivo Nex S PD1805
Vivo IQOO 5 PD2024
Vivo Y11S PD2042F
Vivo Y11S PD2042F
Vivo Y31S PD2054F
Vivo Z5 PD1921
Vivo Z6 5G PD1963
Vivo X51 PD2005F
Vivo X50 Pro Plus PD2011F

CPU MediaTek/Factory Reset via Meta Mode/Brom Mode            
Vivo S1 (PD1831)
Vivo Z3I (PD1813C)
Vivo X21I/X21IA (PD1801)
Vivo Y97 (PD1813A,PD1813E)
Vivo V15 (PD1831F)
Vivo Y3 (PD1901)
Vivo Y17 (PD1901F)
Vivo Y19 (PD1934F-PD1934B)
Vivo Y30 (PD1987F)
Vivo Y30i (PD1987F)
Vivo Y95 (PD1818CA)
Vivo Y15_2019 (PD1901BF)
Vivo Y12_2019 (PD1904)
Vivo Y81/Y81S (PD1732)
Vivo Y83/Y83A (PD1803
Vivo Y93S (PD1818C)
Vivo Y93ST (PD1818B)
Vivo Y91 (PD1818E)
Vivo Y91C (PD1818HF)
Vivo Y91I (PD1818GF
Vivo Y1s PD2014F
Vivo Y3s V2021
Vivo Y12s PD2036F
Vivo Y17 PD1901F
Vivo Y19 1915
Vivo Y20G V2037 PD2066F
Vivo Y30 PD1934F-PD1934B
Vivo S1 PD1913F
Vivo X50 Lite PD1982F

- Factory reset | FRP | Flash Firmware
- Backup/Restore NVRAM
- Wipe EFS
CPU Qualcomm
Vsmart Bee Lite (V140A)
Vsmart Active 1 (PQ6001)
Vsmart Active 1+ (PQ6002
Vsmart Joy 1 (PQ4001)
Vsmart Joy 1+ (PQ6002
Vsmart Joy 2+ (V420A)
Vsmart Joy 3 (V430A)
Vsmart Live (V620A)
Vsmart Star (V320A)
Vsmart Star 3 (V330A)
Vsmart Live 4 (V640A)
Vsmart Aris (V740A)

CPU MediaTek
Vsmart Bee (V220B)
Vsmart Bee 3 (V230A)
Vsmart Star 4 (V341A)
Vsmart Active 3 (V530A)

- Write EngRoot Enable(ADB)Remove Passcode / (ADB)Remove FRP
- Erase FRP New Method Flash Download Mode
- Bypass All FRP Samsung Active MTP Hidden Settings (Galaxy Store), Active Browser,Active Google Maps
- Odin SoftBrick Fix

- OFF Icloud Token 1-Click Iphone 6S/6SP/7G/7P/8G/8P/X Iphone Need Jailbreak
- Read Hw Info Address Wifi ,Bluetool With Phone Lost Info Or Dead Hdd (6G/5SE/6S/6SP/7G/7P/8G/8P/X)
- Fake Ios / Restore Active ICCID

Updating ............

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