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Question Firmware Upgrade (Nokia 3310) for Dummies Like Me

<p>I'm a non-techie person who won a Nokia 3310 in a seminar-workshop I attended a few months back. When I won the 3310, I was already owning a 5110. So, I transferred the SIM from my 5110 to my newly won 3310, only to get a "SIM Card Rejected" error from my prize because it was from a different network provider. (My original provider was Globe-PH; the new 3310 I won was from Smart-PH, complete with new prepaid SIMpack.)

<p>So I asked my sister to bring it downtown to have it "opened," i.e., to make it accept any SIM card from any network.

<p>Indeed, when she came back, the phone was functioning with my old Globe SIM card.

<p>Just this month, I learned new stuff about my mobile, such as that one can upgrade the phone's software by bringing it to a service center. I asked around and was aghast by the prices for upgrading the software: somewhere around 500 to 700 Philippine pesos. Poor me! I can't afford that much. The service center personnel said they could have done the upgrade for free had I not voided my phone's warranty by "opening" it (she probably meant "unlocking" it).

<p>So, I was wondering if anyone on this forum can take me on a step-by-step, guided trip to upgrading my 3310's firmware on my own. I currently have version 04.19 (NHM-5, 03-01-01) as reported by keying in *#0000#. I also have a handful of software that I downloaded off the Net. And last month I bought a data cable for my 3310 (the cable works with Logo Manager; I don't know what kind it is, though I think it's an auto-switchable FBUS/MBUS).

<p>I'd appreciate it if any kind-hearted expert could explain each step to me in simple language because, as I said, I'm a non-techie and a dummy when it comes to these stuff.

<p>Can anyone help me, please? I can't afford to pay for a software upgrade at a service center, so I figure I might as well do it on my own. Please send help through <a href="mailto:[email protected]">e-mail</a>.

<p>Thank you so much.
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