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my name is REAL good and so MANY people are still taking what i say for pure true, if you know a few old guys here they will tell you, this "cheat" story comes only from one fact: in my website ( when it was dedicated to gsm solutions, was said clearly : whatever happens = NO REFUND!

you may ask to - - - - - - - - and plenty others can be added, how happy they were to do business with me and how happy they were with the end of this business

people bought from me, i made tons of money, when it stopped, nobody was loosing money, then they discovered my terms and conditions and were not happy, some guys like the ones i named did stay the same nice people as when they were doing big benefits with me, and those have got a good deal in exchange of the money they gived me, the other ones who had a bad word about me have been said : no refund at all, go **** yourself

if you want to know how those people have recovered them money, go ask to latigido and mcomm how many douzains of thousands of sagem logs i bought and most of the time received for free from them because they also received hundreds and hundreds of codes for free from me

you may also find some nice person in eastern country which i have taken out of very bad situation without never asking for any money, just because that guy was in deep s.hit and i had to help him

now regarding legija, ok, 1500 euros
remember i made you, is your son still happy with the ps2 i offerefd him when you had no money for it? how did you came to maxrfon? it was me who told you how to speak with him... and why? because i was stopping my collaboration with him and you were hungry enough to do it, havent you made enough benefit when you worked with max to cover that money? i think we already spoke about that

concerning kima : in the beginning i offered you 1 or 2 solutions to cover that money, but when you started to argue with me i told you clearly : forgot your money... IT WAS CLEAR!!! then came the cable story : you said " yeah i m LG service now i have exactly the cable you need" i was in a f:ucking URGENCE at that time, you said it was gone where it needed to go and it arrived, but 1 week late, and it was the wrong cable... thanks to you i released my LG U8110 software 1 day after griffin team did (thanks to who gived me the pinout in the last minute)

now little boy mtony969 will come, same story for him, arguing and arguing, not wanting to listen to what i say, blablabla... one day, before those problems happened, he sent me a phone with a "little surprise inside", it was a fake 50 euros bank note, he sent that to my private adress in madrid and was looking happy to see me very surprised of what was in that package... the f.ucking wanker!!!

and yes brka, i opened a disco in madrid with MY money, not the one from anyone else (i had business and money before unlocking and i still have both after it)

now yes, some boys here will feel cheated, but in my mind, all is clear, the ones i wanted to be happy are happy, f.uck the others

so gsm2go, keep your morality, this is no childs room...
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