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Originally Posted by mtony969
I cheated no man ever in my life .I live by my own code of practice
This situation at the time caused me alot of problems as complaints went no only to me but the shoping centre management where my busniess was
People were handing me money and waiting and nothing some waited 5 weeks in hope .
This made me look like i was at it because instead of saying to me i am sorry m8 i have a problem he kept making excuses.
So i even throught i would eventually get there codes.
Thats what angered me not so much the money it was the knock on affect.
I am almost 50 years old and i have seen just about everything every trick in the book .
This particular busniess GSM is not like any other more cons here than in the Scrubs long larton and broadmoor put together.
Take my farourite JIC they want to sell you something but do not have callers to there little tucked away cave in Derby.
Many reselers here do not have address to visit and see face to face who you hand the money to.
Never liked that myself to me thats not good busniess.
Just sit there and wait for money and problem and no 1 excuse windows error
m8 .
Or format your pc start again .
Now i liked source i did quite a bit of busniess with him . This could have been solved by just being a man and saying m8 i am in trouble everything has gone wrong and i have been had over on these codes and there is nothing i can do m8 .
That i can respect problems can happen to anybody .
Me i am not a cheat so do not make sweeping statments and include me in this thread of yours .
Jic hide from nobody and especially paranoid twats like you .50 year old man and you act like baby crying all the time.I suggest you stop blaming others just because you live the life of a tramp and are jealous of others who make money!
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