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Originally Posted by fastunlockingjo
Hi , what about Max and stealing his hard drive and have the guttss to put it as your solution when you are just the reseller for it ,never mind i payed blabla Max has opened his hard work for free and made it a free source because of what you ve done , do you think that this did not hurt him to loose all the time spent on this solution for you and your mate to nick it and release it under your name , that is my problem when yuou call source a cheater well look in the mirror my friend

br fast
Sorry again, but you look as very naive person.
How could i, few thousends kilometers far from Kiev stole anything from someones house or office ?
Just imagine a man who lives in Bosnia can stole HDD from a guy from Kiev, Ukraine. Do you think i am magician or something ? Get back to earth, dont be such a jerk.

About JIC or Spear, i would not post any comments, especially about JIC, since i never did any biz with any of them. As far as i know, these people were real pro's in this biz, and still are.
Topic is mr Source and his cheats.
Ofcourse people who not got cheated by him will say hes a cool dude, but we , the people who got cheated cannot share this nice opninion about him.
He took the money - he didnt provided service we paid for. This is pure cheating, even in this "cowboy way biz" area.

I am not afraid for my money, since he will pay 100%. He know this too, hes just enjoying his moments now, like i will be enjoying mine.
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