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Originally posted by nab

The protocols used by logomanger are available from nokia for developers!
the service one are NOT! These service ones tm and c nokia as are all flashfiles and other s/w inside the phone.
come on nab,s!
i have been all thru this
i got sued by ericsson and motorola for unlocking
i got nothing after 4 years judge stated unlocking is legal
since the provider is giving me no possibilety to check the phone on other networks and that is illegal

secondly: i want to see the first conviction by law

if i type any unlock code in the phone and it opens!
do you think its in nokia,s interest in how i do that? and put the algo on the street ;-)

no nab,s been there done that

as long as you use YOUR software they can,t do crap!
if you use one of their flashfiles in their algorithm ;-) and encryption , you are violating copyrights

there for neelix 1 is legal and so is neelix 2
we do use NO official firmware or bootloaders that are removed form their program
we use our own extentions and encryption
also it is said by law that you MAY have one copy of your phone as a backup , like 1 cd of windows xp is the firmware of a phone the same
even you CAN make your own improvements of the files
AS LONG you do not distribute them
however this informnation can be shared on ANY forum lucky us..........

reg Sandor

(convicted for finding one original ericsson 788 flashfile on my system)
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