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Originally posted by Bph&co
Very well, so how does this make using Mbus protocol illegal ?

it is not "m-bus"is not a registrated name
maybe a good idea to do so ;-) you can sue them ;-)

but true you can do whatever to the phone, it is your phone
as is also the imei from the phone.
however you may not "borrow"the imei from a other persons phone , and use it for yourself
as i sayed the firmware in the phone is yours!
it is not from nokia , nokia just made it for you to use it
however you may NOT distribute it ,
the software used in wintesla is not your or any person exept authorised by nokia
this means this software you can not just "find"on the internet
it states while booting that its nokia so dont touch it!
as for any protocall i think motorola has a patent on some sort of communication , and this is protected by them
however i think the law will not sue you if you build your own
"datasuite" or find a way to unlock it
infact if you do its YOUR copyright and you can sue others
like the police had my equipement for 4 years but had to give it back
because i made that equipment , motorola and ericsson wanted a copy of my software and use the hardware
but i did NOT give them peormission to use it
and it got barred by the police
cool those user rights no?

so basicly:

ANY form of communication you make to listen to a phone
or tell it what to do
made by your hands is your property!
as long you do NOT use their software(loaders , flashes etcetc)
to do so...

maybe someone could fill in on that protocol that motorola patented! i think it had to do with the 4308 chip "emmi"
but then again the good times consisted of buying a handsfree kit
were suprising enough had a 4308 on board ;-)
however i tryed to order 4308 form motorola
and got tons of questions back and finaly a responce that this was a custome mot chip
and was not for sale! exept for their own implementations

reg Sandor
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