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s45(i) battery problems explained, any solution?

I have converted my s45 to s45i v4.

I have the same problem that many have too, after convertion the phone not always starts and makes noises on start, especially when it is cold.

Many have told to use sensor tools to calibrate the battery settings and here its its my experience:

- i have both a original and a modded siemens cable.
- when i have original soft (v23) all soft, including sensor tools or eeprom tools work fine, at first! And the phone works FINE!

- after convertion, it partially works (i use it normally) but when i turn it off for some time or if the time is a bit cold when i try to turn it back on it doens't!! it make a noise and nothing. after some tries (normally putting it on the pocket or aproximating to heat, works) it starts normally, and the working all the options.

- if i try to use sensor tools or eeprom tools, they don't work, but after many (and i say many!) tries i have been able to enter in service mode once!!!

- with this i have compared the read values with the original ones, they are the same! (someone told in a post that using the original blk would solve but no!)

- then i tried to put some "correct" values told by skylord in, but nothing!! (ps: i have confirmed that they are written in the phone, ok!)

With all this a ask for some solution to my (and many other) problems. The problem isn't in the cables or software because they work with the original flash.

Skylord, nrg, DarkBear please help!!

my battery values:
0000 - 3225
0002 - 4185
0004 - 62389
0006 - 995
0008 - 77
000A - 62465
000C - 104
000E - 65214
0010 - 100
0012 - 0

skylord battery "correct" values (in my case don't work):
0000 insert 3940
0002 insert 4200
0004 insert 63340
0006 insert 999
0008 insert 79
000A insert 62444
000C insert 107
000E insert 65137
TBtecStg insert 100
TBtecOff insert 0

kalavera @ mail . pt
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