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FIVN Player uses phone plug-ins to play sound files.
Formats that the player tries to check if they can be
played are: aac, amr, mid, mp3, mp4, ogg, wav and wma.

>>>>>> Using FIVN Player <<<<<<
FIVN Player can be controlled by the navigation keys. The functions for each key are:
Selection Key to play/pause the sound
Scroll Up to scroll the previous sound
Scroll Down to scroll the next sound
Scroll Left to reduce the volume
Scroll Right to increase the volume

Other function keys are:
(0), (0) to reset the play list
(1), (3) to scroll the previous sound
(2), (6) to play/pause the sound
(3), (9) to scroll the next sound
(4), (2) to rewind the sound (20 seconds)
(5), (5) to stop the playing sound
(6), (8) to fast forward the sound (20 seconds)
(7), (1) to scroll the previous page
(8), (4) to go the current sound
(9), (7) to scroll the next page

The first column key numbers are for the portrait layout.

The second column key numbers are for the landscape layout.
This valid only when the keypad remap feature is enabled in
the Settings and the Options menu shows on the right at the bottom.

Functions in the Options menu are:
To refresh list, select Commands > Refresh list
To play a position of sound, select Commands > Rewind/Fast forward
To select a preset, select it in the Equaliser menu
To disable/enable stereo widening, select Stereo widening > Off/On
To disable/enable bass booster, select Bass booster > Off/On

3. Settings
Settings for FIVN Player are:
Playback mode to set the playback mode. Normal means to play sounds from the top to the bottom. Random means to play every sound once randomly. Repeat means to play sounds repeatedly.
Repeat to set how many times the sound is repeated. It is in effect only when Repeat is selected in the Playback mode.
Search folders to set folders to be searched. If All is selected, other selections will be deselected.
Search formats to set sound formats that the player tries to search. This shows only those formats that the player can play.
Sort by name to set sorting sounds in alphabetical order.
Keypad remap to remap the keypad when the screen on the landscape layout and the Options menu shows on the right at the bottom.
Play on start to set playing a sound when FIVN Player is started.
Icon animation to set icon animation.

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