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Originally Posted by The Dog View Post
You only got to read this forum to see the number of broken phones this box causes through one thing or another. End of day this is the only software I got where the tools it comes with are not capable of doing the job without modifying. Furthermore you dont mention anything about the microscope and it is quite clear that without it you can't unlock N73 etc! There are a million things they can do to improve it but then syscophantics like you come along they dont think it is necessary!

PS Twister is ****
I only see a few people complaining about broken phones and all the evidence i have seen indicates that it is the result of badly skilled people rather than the box.

I have unlocked alot of phones and i have not killed one single phone.

Agreed...This solution is no "connect cable, click unlock" solution but if you had the skills you would not be complaining..

People like me that have got the skills are happy that it is a bit difficult because this means that not many people can do it (compared to DCT-4 phones) and this means more *******rs and i can charge a higher price ..

So the only problem i see here is that you are trying to blame bb5box for your own lack of skills..

PS. Yes i agree that twisterbox is useless but the user name is old and at the time i made it twisterbox was good and updated.

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