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MT-SIM Software

The MT-SIM Software comes with every MT-SIM, you can always download it from our official website.

Using this professional tool you can configure your MT-SIM. In order to do this you need:
1. Compatible PC
2. ISO smartcard reader

First Inser MT-SIM into Card Reader. Then Insert card Reader into computer.
Please Make sure MT-SIM contacts touch correctly the card reader.

Here the sample

Before you start you need to update the software in MT-SIM in order to be sure MT-SIM supports configuration parameters. Just press the Update Firmware button and wait few seconds until the process ends. You will be notified by the software how long to wait!

In order to make your life easier we included most common presets here:

Just select the preferred one and press update Configuration button!

If your phone requires more advanced settings you can use the Fake IMSI, and Fake sequence to fine tune your MT-SIM.

How To use This
Fake IMSI: 15 numbers consisting of desired IMSI. ( to unlock the phone you need this to start with 00101, meaning that the simcard will be from the network 001-01, or with original network numbers MCC+MNC where the phone was locked on )

Fake sequence: means how many times MT-SIM will report to the phone Fake IMSI setting. ( it consists of 16 characters, that can be either 0, either 1, for example 1101000100010001)

How to find correct Fake sequence:
1. Set the sequence to 0000000000000000
2. Add “1″ replacing the “0″ from left to right like this ( 1000000000000000 )
3. Write this setting into MT-SIM
4. Power on phone with MT-SIM + operator SIM card inside.
5. Check if the phone is unlocked.
6. Repeat this operation until the phone will be unlocked or you have reach the end of the 16 characters ( go to step 2 )
7. Now you check if the phone has network ,you can call, and you can receive calls
8. If all is ok the you’ve finished the setup
9. If the phone has no network, or you cannot call you can try to follow next steps.
10. Replace all the "1"'s you have set up before with "0"
11. Test for each replacement if phone has network signal and you can receive/send calls.
12. If the phone is locked again this means that you need to put back “1″ in the place you removed before and continue with the next “1″ available from right to left.
13. Repeat step 10 to 12 until you arrive at the beginning of the sequence.
14. By now you should have an working unlocked mobile phone.


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