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Re: Siemens batt or sensors tools
both v1.1 and v1.3 will work on 2kXP
b4 running the program make sure you had closed all running in b/g programs including antivirus and firewall softwares also check in "Services" for any unused services then "stop" it as many as you can.

okay now run sensorstool.exe (info based on v1.3 and my SL is HWId: 31, U35 - EGold+, Smarti)
you should see service mode is showing on phone screen
1st select "Read Phone" then "Write Phone" program will produce a file named "Current.blk" save this file on your HDD.
after that you will select "Read file"--> open a folder named "BLK" then "SL4x" and pick one of the file avail there to test on your phone--> doing that by "Write File" it'll write whatever *.blk info that you've picked onto to phone.
it wont tell anything when finished just select Read Phone once again this time you should see new info on its program's windows. -- i could be wrong you know but thats what i've done to my SL --

about cables..
and thiss goes to all concerned PC-Cable-Phone activities (who dont know HowTo only)
phone must be off & sim removed-- flashing FW ,patches , unlocking, map write/read, log.. etc
phone on with sim card-- SiemensQuickSync ,Data Exchange Software(Siemens Soft Data Link and all others)

there're many kind of cables avail today.. two big diff of those are:-

- ones with auto ignition(pin 3 cable)--- no need to push the red button just run program(any programs)

- for ones without auto ignition--- if you have this kind of cable then you need to--> quickly push red button once(no intention for tuning on) right after starting the program.

for sync-station users:-
some software programs will allow you to use the sync-station came with the SL45(i)..
you need to do as same as the cable without auto ignition..
here's some tricks:- clicking "Start"(or any written on program) with your lift-hand when(at same time) using right-hand to place phone into sync-station and quickly push red button. if its no good just repeat it,.... sometime you just need to push red button while phone is already in place.

please try it. HTH.

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