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SIMEMU has nothing to do with SIMPIC

Sim-Emu is based on Dejan's SIM emulator and that was mentioned on the site. It's one of the first thing mentioned on the site...

Dejan's work is free to use and change as it is stated on the files.

SIM-EMUs work is *NOT FREE*... just program your silver card with the original Dejan version and compare...

It is not a crime to get something that is free, work on it (and work like hell! because that's what was done) and sell it if you wish...

It's not like he's taking something free and selling as it was... The changes are enormous!!! Just these

- Updating the numbers on the MENU
- Real security! having PINs and PUKs (not on original)

are worth charging for it.

And he's giving out his work for free...

So I *COMPLETELY* agree that he gets pi***d off when somebody's making profit when he clearly states that he'll give it for free as long as noone is selling it out.

Different authors have different views of their work.

Dejan's view was: I've made this, use it, change it, sell it, do whatever you like because I won't work on it again...

simemu's view is: I've worked myself out on this... I improve it everyday... I work for free... please don't make a joke of me by getting this and selling as it is, without any work from you... If this is the case I'm better off working for myself, not sharing it and if you wish, buy from me.

So please... respect people's choices... inform yourself (comparing simemu with simpic... really..)...

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