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Originally Posted by meisam View Post
Look here plz;
This phone(N73) had been repaired by bb5king and it turns off after 10 minutes,

Init Fbus, Wait Phone Boot...Done.
Reading Phone Info&SimLock...Done.
SW Version: V 05wk47v60.1
(c) Nokia.
ImeiNumber: 357652019661179
Config Key: 2440700000000000
Profl Bits: 0000000000000000
Code Count: 0.0
Lock Stat0: Open
Lock Stat1: Open
Lock Stat2: Open
Lock Stat3: Open
Lock Stat4: Open

I used logger to restore good simlock to the phone this way:

Booting phone...Done.
Rap3 Id: 1B20021402FB0154CDC6E5A179A667DC06CA3577
Root Hash: BAF3A9C3DBFA8454937DB77F2B8852B1
TzRom Crc: 273F6D55DFAAF68F
Sending code...Done.
Connecting to server...Done.
Sever Version: 0.42
Credits Count: 350
Saving file...Done.

This is rpl writing process,see cable good,all data sent to the phone BUT still can't write pm to the phone by MT(i can not user your sx4 server),dear Genie support please answer here,am i just waisting credits by your tool?

Please read this carefully and never post again as you make fool of yourself.
First learn electronics, then spend long time reading Nokia service manuals
and forum threads. Only after that is wise to post.

Your phone has permanent data, here some important parts:

1. NPC - Nokia Public Certificate - without this - phone has no imei and the
security watchdog timer will switch the phone off after 3 minutes
(Security Watchdog is Hardware module in the CPU that monitors software
activity and restarts power to all CPU logic).

2. Simlock Data - this data is needed to be able to accept simcard, if damaged
the phone will be in Contact Service. This data is not related to other permanent data.

3. Energy Management Data - this data holds values for the analogue part
of the chipset, needed to have proper charging and other important power
distribution values.

4. RF tunning data - those are value for the Radio part of the phone. Various
parameters that are needed to have correct working receiver and transceiver

5. Super Dongle Key data and signing - this is special area that contains SX4
key exchange data + signing of the Energy Managment Data and the RF Tuning Data

So any of those missing - your phone is not working proper. The Logger will
repair only 2. Your phone is missing probably 5.

Please don't post again in this section !

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