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Hi, I've tried to unlock a 7310 with no success. Readed post about it and upgraded again cyclone directory with update on posts, after this used box maintenance to upgrade firm, but the result still the same.
Here is the log.
BB5 Unlock Started...
MCU Version V 08.20
MCU Date 12-06-08
Product RM-379
Manufacturer (c) Nokia
IMEI 354xxxxxxxxxxxx
Mastercode xxxxxxxxxxxx
Simlock Key 2140700000000000
Simlock Profile 8000000000000000
Simlock Key Cnt 0
Simlock FBUS Cnt 0
Simlock [1,1] State: CLOSED Type: MCC-MNC Data: 21407F
Simlock [2,1] State: CLOSED Type: MCC-MNC Data: 21402F
Reading Security Block...
Security block OK!
Determining PA Simlock...
Booting RAP...
CMT_SYSTEM_ASIC_ID: 000000010000022600010006030C192101033000
CMT_EM_ASIC_ID: 00000295
CMT_EM_ASIC_ID: 00000B22
CMT_PUBLIC_ID: 0E800206A4F0585084FCED5F05C3BD8D381DA009
RAP3Gv3_2nd.fg, Type: 2nd Boot Loader, Rev:, Algo: BB5
Flashbus Write baud set to 1.0Mbits
Flashbus Read baud set to 98Kbits
FlashChip[0,CMT]: 0x0089898200000000, Intel, NOR
FlashContent[0,CMT]: 00000000000000000000000000000000, NOR
FlashChip[0,CMT]: 0xFFFF000000000000, Unknown, MMC
Transmission Mode Requested: Single Line, 8 bit, Accepted: Single Line, 8 bit
RAP3Gv3_algo.fg, Type: Algorithm, Rev:, Algo: BB5 ALGORITHM
Flashbus Write baud set to 4.0Mbits
Transmission Mode Requested: Dual Line, 32 bit, Accepted: Dual Line, 32 bit
Box TX2 Data Pin set to: Service Pin 3
Box VPP disabled
Internal CMT Phone VPP Enabled
PAPUBKEYS Hash for CMT: 1C4FF759B84A261249E1BBE6F8B6CED06F54373D
APE Boot skipped on user request
Restarting MCU...
Determined PA Simlock: PA_SL2
Checking for Rootkey Hash support...
BB5 Unlock Failed -> Unsupported Rootkey Hash, this is critical

As far I readed in forums, this hash is supported. ¿what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.
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