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Exclamation I would like to say something IMPORTANT!

Yes.. and what might that be??

Well I have a simple question (with a statement)
What is happening here? People are selling stuff here! I thought that this was NOT the meaning of this forum.

The people who started this forum didn't mention anything, to anybody, about eventually turning it in to a commercial site where everybody can just offer any GSM-related software or hardware.

The intention was, as I can remember.. ALL SOFTWARE FOR FREE! and I vote that also this new step .. the HARDWARE, must be offered for free as well.
Maybe this isn't possible and that IS understandable. Hardware is usually not as easy to copy as some ****ty little program that can unlock a phone.

I say give these people here a change to gain this knowledge whitout having to pay so ****ing much for it. In most countries this stuff is illegal and buying 900 bucks of GSM related hardware is tricky. If I could arrange it I would do it in a sec. because I have the money. Still I don't because I learned never to trust any offer out of a forum like this.

Also I would like to mention the following:
There are some people offering stuff (hardware and software) in this forum and others like this one, just to make money.

That might be OK, but that's not OK if they just don't have anything to sell at all. I mean people with BIG-talk about having all kinds of hardware and software to unlock, trace, modify, etc. all of the goods that you would like to unlock, trace, modify, etc. Eventually you will end ripped off and pissed off and you can't do anything about it.

Because this is a very difficult situation I think that these sort of offers don't belong in a forum like this.

The offer of GSM TECHNICAL is very nice and if there would be an other way I know that most of the people here would like to buy this equipment.
It's very tricy to buy such illegal hardware over the internet without knowing if you are ever going to get it.
I say that offers like these belong somewhere else and if that means that hobbyists like me and others that come here can't buy this stuff then so be it!

This is a forum and in a forum like this people should be able to gain knowledge about topics that are discussed here. They should not be exploited, they should be helped.

Sander Spierenburg aka MrProdent

email: [email protected]
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