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iPhone 3gs goes recovery mode while trying to restore comstom file

Originally Posted by yousha View Post
its a NEW IBOOT VERSION when you run blackra1n on it it will make the handset JAILBROKEN but (tethered jailbreak)

Now the question is

What is this Fcuking TETHERED JAILBREAK?

Simple Answer :TETHERED JAILBREAK is you need computer everytime when you need to reboot your phone and run blackrain everytime to reboot it properly and moreover its not a BUG in blackra1n it FEATURE this problem occures mostly on the OTB 3.2.1

Read the MASTERS BLOG AGAIN and use your MIND


if your ipt2/3GS/ipt3 is rebooting into recovery after running blackra1n, this isn't a bug. It's a feature. You need to run blackra1n every time to boot it. This 'feature', called tethered jailbreak, is enabled by upgrades Apple made to the bootrom and the fact ipt3 uses nand flash.
Well, thatnks for the post. But may be I was unable to make you understand that the recovery mode I ahve in my iPhone is not after blackrain, blackrain goes fine, i got jailbreak and activated too, but when I try to restore custom firmware(in order to unlock) than I get 1604 error, not only that even if I don't go for restore when I restart the phone just goes recovery mode and thats it, I have to restore again with original file. Hope you understand now. Done many iPhone but never got anything like this.
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