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S1 unlock fail

Hello, I have this problem. Can anybody help me with this?


Connect To Phone Success.

Getting Phone Info,Please...

PROT_VER="01";DATE="20080919";TIME="10:16:06";VER= "R7A024";UNIQUE_DEV_ID="0D01001D2F030E090000000013 3E0000";CXC="1207-7713";TYPE="S1_EROM";SEC_LOCK_STATUS="LOCKED";MAN_ ID="0001";DEV_ID="307E";HASH_PUB_KEY="7E02A572F828 DE7D80EB85CBAD1C3439";EROM_AID="0001";LOADER_AID=" 0002";SW_AID="0001";CUST_AID="0001";SIM_LOCK_AID=" 0001";IMEI="39814502909301";SIN_VER="0001";SIMLOCK _TAMP="TAMPERED";AID_TAMP="NOT_TAMPERED";

IMEI: 39814502xxxxxx


Model: F305

Sending Load Data,Please Wait...

Getting Unlock Data,Please wait...

Connecting Server,Please Wait...

Connect To Server Success.

User Authen Success.

Unlock Request Sent.

Credit Need:3, Credit Left:92

Your Request Is In Queue,Please Wait...

Ready For Unlocking,Don't Disconnect Phone,Please Wait...

Sending Unlock Data To Server...

Waiting P96 Authen Data...

Recv() failed,connection has been closed

Recv packet failed.

Server Request Fail.

Time: 05min 12sec
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