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Angry Cyclone BOMB ! Standalone : SX4 Emulation, SD Repair, RPL Calc, BB5 NCK Calc, more!!!

New version of Cyclone Box Software is ready. There is a lot of changes, here is some of them:

- WORLD'S UNIQUE : Standalone Superdongle Key Calculator Added! No internet, no logs, no time! Calculation time - 0.003 sec ! Works for any SL1, SL2 and SL3.

- WORLD'S UNIQUE : Standalone Unlocking/Relocking using RPL Added! No internet, no logs, no time! Calculation time - 0.002 sec ! Works for any SL1 and SL2.

- WORLD'S UNIQUE : Standalone SX4 Authorization Added! Box is now emulating Nokia SX4 card - no need internet, no need logs to authorize ANY Nokia Phone, just box! Works for any SL1, SL2 or SL3. Emulated SX4 works with ORIGINAL NOKIA Superdongle keys (no need rebuild SD), Custom keys (made by Cyclone,MT,UB), etc. In case of Authorization fail, it will automaticly write and authorize using Custom Keys. Authoirzation time - 0.004 sec ! Supported are RAP and RAPIDO mcu, in case of RAPU phones SX4 Remote Card will be used. After authorization with Cyclone, PHONE STILL CAN be Authorized with ORIGINAL SX4 Card!

- WORLD'S UNIQUE - Cyclone can now authorize Barred Phones (with Correct superdongle keys, but with higher KeyIndex ever used than 0 (possible KeyIndex 0..7), SX4 card can use any higher keyindex at time, when higher key is used, lower keys are automaticly not used in future, and phone requires to use higher key index) - UB and other custom boxes can't do it as long SX4 emulation is not 100% Nokia-Like

- WORLD'S UNIQUE : Starting from now, Cyclone Box have ability to make _FULL RPL BACKUP_ of BB5 phones! Current existing SW on market creating only some part of RPL (NPC,HWC,Simlock) - Cyclone is now backing up missing part:

- Added SUPER DONGLE KEY extracting (this Original Nokia one, so after writing it back phone still can be authorized with original SX4 card)

- Added CMLA KEY DATA extracting (That means created RPL File by Cyclone is now 100% SAME AS NOKIA'S ONE!)

- WORLD'S UNIQUE : Added BB5 MCU & DSP Timestamps Reader / Diagnostic Tool. This will help diagnostic of downgraded phone, will read Security Block, decode timestamps of current installed SW (and factory one, or Dejan Hack if exists) with FLASH installed MCU/DSP timestamps. Will have ability to FULL REBUILD downgrade security zone (dead06) soon.

- WORLD'S UNIQUE : BB5 Security Block Analyzer added, this will read Security Block and analyze it's health for content of following Security Data: SIMLOCK DATA, SUPERDONGLE KEY DATA, ECC KEYS DATA, DIV DATA, CMLA (DRM) DATA. Also it reads ST_SIMLOCK_TEST and ST_SECURITY_TEST and when problems occur, recommends actions.

- WORLD'S UNIQUE : Standalone BB5 Calculator Added. This calculated BB5 NCK (levels 1-7) for unlocking purposes. Calculated codes works only with phones which have been relocked with Cyclone Box. To calculate code is needed only IMEI - no need cable, phone, flashbus logger, etc.

- WORLD'S UNIQUE : BB5 Unlock by NCk/RPL, SD Recalc, SX4 auth using USB !! (once log file readen)

- Upon box upgrade (maintenance) Bootloader in box is syncronized with server to avoid Activation Problems
- Bootagent server upgraded to 1.01, fixed "Box is not activated, ID 09)
- Fixed "Access Violation" when Cyclone Box SW is already launched and connection to box opened
- After BB5 Relock, unlock codes is displayed
- More detailed messages is now shown upon new NCK or RPL calculation
- BB5 Security Code Reading is moved to "UserArea" tab (needed space for MCU/DSP timestamp reading and security block analyzing)
- Total unlock/relock time added after operation is finished (thx to arash)
- Box Firmware version is now checked upon loading of Nokia Module - if box firmware is obsolete, SW asks for upgrade and doing it automaticly
- Selected unlock method is now displayed before RootkeyHash support check
- Upon first reading of NCK Code (Extracting) or RPL Calculation, "CYC" log file is stored in "StoredFiles" and next time upon BB5 Security Actions (Calculation of SD, Extracting NCK, Calculating RPL (Relocking)) phone is no booted anymore and whole process took only 1 second!! Keep in mind calculated CYC file is paired with Box Serial number, so in case if your box serial number is changed-go to stored files and purge all "cyc" files.
- Decrypted AES Subblock of Security Block is now checksum checked (16 bytes checksum at end of block)
- Fixed "This is invalid integer..." when parsing phone with damaged IMEI
- When another copy of Cyclone Software is running, message is displayed instead of errors
- New method of NCK Calculation is now default BB5 unlocking method
- When New Method of NCK calculation is selected, PA_SL is not determined already (saves lots of time)
- Skin Manager updated to v6.54 (more stability)
- When BB5 RPL Don't contain Certificates (NPC,HWC) phone isn't booted
- Fixed bug when Flash RPL BB5 Data is being written two times
- Added more verbose debug messages when preparing Boot BB5 Phone
- Garbage characters when dealing with SLPA phones (#pw+___garbage___+1) bug fixed
- New splash screen added, thx to arash, again
- When Cyclone fails to boot APE subsystem, it shows hint about TX2
- APE subsystem is now no longer booted upon CheckFlashingBus
- Changed "Failed to write CMT Cert Data (3)" message, added TX2 information
- BB5 TX2 Line test added after "CheckFlashingBus"
- Before RPL Write, Software testing TX2 Line and when its faulty (not adapter) it showing apporiate message
- Writing BB5 CMT HWC Certificate from RPL fixed (thx to arash)
- Parsing some Simlock Arrays (5130) produced garbage output - fixed (thx to arash again)
- Added support for Cyclone Box HW Rev A11D
Just download EXE file and replace at C:\Program files\Cyclone Box\
Make sure Installer is installed aswell (this one from january, else you will have message RootkeyHash not supported).

You don't need any activations,logs to use this update.

SX4 Emulation works offline and emulates SX4 card 1:1, in case of failure still server will be used.

BB5 NCK Calculator works for phone relocked by Cyclone Only (unlocking using IMEI only, no need know other data, just imei - no need cable or connection to box too).

BB5 USB Unlocking and other security tools works only if phone log (by flashbus) is readen before.

Update is fast and most of security functions (sd,rpl) works very fast.

Don't forget to upgrade your Box Firmware to v01.21.

Download Link :


PM collection : Here

More coming.
Best Regards,
Cyclone Team

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