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Originally Posted by nofear197979 View Post
how can i solve this problim with e72 restart i cant repair the security it gives me this :

SX4 Authorization / SD Repair Procedure Started....
WARNING: "28A00103917303445EE83142990D9ED7FCF832E2.C000157E " Not Exists, Will read it...
Reading CYC file from phone...
Booting CMT...
CMT_SYSTEM_ASIC_ID: 000000030000022600010007600C192102011104
CMT_EM_ASIC_ID: 00001040
CMT_EM_ASIC_ID: 00001030
CMT_PUBLIC_ID: 28A00103917303445EE83142990D9ED7FCF832E2
CMT Ready!
Prepare phone failed with message -> Not found required CMT Secondary Loader
Neither CYC file and exists or failed to read it from phone (Failed to Boot / Prepare Phone)
Failed to obtain Phone Unique Data, Will use Server and Original Card
MCU Version V ICPR82_09w46.5
MCU Date 22-01-10
Product RM-529
Manufacturer (c) Nokia
IMEI 355239039388777
Mastercode 4075212131
SX4 Status: Not authorized (74)
Started mutual authenthication with card...
Cyclone Server (, Cyclone Box Team 2008, 2009, 2010 - Ready.
Receiving Phone Seed 1...
Phone Seed 1 Received
Sending calculated Data 1, and expecting Seed 2...
Calculated Data 1 accepted, Phone Seed 2 Received
Disconnected from Cyclone Server
Failed to Authorize SX4 -> Failed to receive mutual Data 2 from server

so plz help me
Does Check Flashing Bus completes successfully?

Can you please paste Check Flashing Bus log here?

Shadab Ahmad
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