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Hi friends!

Would you like to upgrade the software or change language in your Nokia phone by yourself?<br />Are you bothered by the high price of the Nokia flashing equipment?<br />The online remote Flash Authority ID calculation is the way you will really enjoy!<br />All you need is to have:

<ul type="square">[*]The Dejan's Nokia Flasher 1.00b and the flasher interface,[*]a special free logger software plus MBUS cable and[*]online access to our Flash Authority ID calculation FTP.<br />[/list]
On Sunday 9:00am (GMT) your dreams will finally become true!

You may download the logger software from <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.<br />You have to configure it as follows:

HOST:<br />IN PATH: /ftp/<br />OUT PATH: /ftp/<br />USER ID: 7777<br />PASSWORD: 7777

This configuration will be valid until Tuesday 9:00am (GMT).


<ul type="square">[*]Make the full backup of your phone - ALWAYS[*]Change the MCU or PPM using Dejan 1.00b (if you would do only this, the phone would not find network).[*]Remove battery and put it back.[*]Start the logger, power on phone and press the "OnLine Log" button. (The phone will find the network again).<br />[/list]
Some MCU's and PPM's can be downloaded from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Full backup ranges are:<br />3210 200000-400000<br />3310 200000-400000<br />3330 200000-600000<br />5110 200000-300000<br />6110 200000-300000<br />6150 200000-400000<br />6210 200000-600000<br />6250 200000-600000<br />7110 200000-600000<br />8210 200000-400000<br />8850 200000-400000

The best CFG settings (by Lead) are:<br />3210 61 06<br />3310 65 05<br />3330 65 08<br />5110 61 02<br />5120 61 03<br />5130 61 04<br />6110 61 02<br />6130 61 04<br />6150 61 02<br />6210 61 07<br />6250 61 07<br />7110 61 06<br />8210 65 05<br />8250 65 05<br />8850 65 05<br />8890 65 05<br />9110 61 02

With best regards, bRAd. <br /> and thanks to Lead for assistance.

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