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Originally Posted by millpc

you talk too much crap. if people should not associate you with gsm unlock change your avatar.

Or are you lying through your teeth again donkey?

You think you are clever with your domain listing dont you?! I have nice listing what happen with uk branch dissapearance!??

Anatoly, whatever you say people will only remember that you cheat many people in the past (as confirmed by admin from this forum in past posts) and that source has never has his name in this section or cheated anyone!

So stop talking crap and realise you are not skilled; you steal JIC web page, you clone products and then try to sell as genuine...the list goes on.

People really just laugh at you now......hehehehehehe

Guys calm down you really make to think other members on this board you are a little boys with big EGO or just jeallous for other people making bigger money than you... There is no possibility to divide the market ? All of you know that bussiness in these days are very cruel because of competitors in the market. So guys i think you shold make your services better in case to make more money and make your company a leader. I bought some products from 2 months ago and they are still working i i have a full support for them. I think all of us who are in this bussiness had some problems in the past some of us big problems some small and it affected our companys name. I think in the future if you will post in this forum that that or this company is a cheater or smth. Just please insert a proofs for your words. And don`t mess up it if you just have enough time for writing such a nonsences.
I still don`t know a better company in ther market i mean in eastern europe because of big prices from others. Maybe guys some of you know better company with better prices? it would be nice to hear it because money i think like for all members is not falling from the sky
I think all of you (competitors) must proof that your services or prices are the best but don`t mess up your names here. For today i think is the best for their prices and services still no have problems with their production. I think it`s our bussiness and we must protect it for our future.

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