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Originally Posted by unlteam

you can laught as much as you want, but we planning to make pictures of our new facilities as well, in our strategical company plan, we planned one more factory ISO9001 standart close to Vilnius city with 8 fully automated SMT lines, by the way pick and place machines are coming from Philips.
Investment ~ 2.000.000EUR

i have visited you many times, if you will invite me, i`ll visit you during cebit`2004 as well, i am very interested in your jets, i would like to have one here....
yes, gsmunlock bought some items from you long time ago, as well as you from me. why ? do you think, i reversed engineered any of your products ?
I never touched your NEELIX`s I/II/III, because of our friendly relations, but now i see....

our anual turnover for 2004 definitely will be higher than 5.000.000 EUR

and your anual turnover created in 2000 was probably created by reselling sim-locked phones, i guess. I hope not VAT fraud

>however to get access to them you have to pay a small amount
but with 5 million 5 euro,s schould be no problem at all................<

P.S. I am not counting other companies money, i dont have time for this
i have called you today two times, and you put your phone down, then i sent SMS, which also havent been replied. A little bit unpolait.

ok man i see

then tell me
why do you need to make a picture that is not even your company?
get real man you have visited me i never gave a **** about anything
you have been my guest numerous times
also if you see a post that doesnt make sence believe me
there are people who can get passwords so dont blame me always

if you made so much money do you still need to sell one single spy phone?
i sold phones on a europallet that is a minimum of 1000
if you know me good you also now i dont need this anymore
that is why i am selling jet,s i like it it is my hobby
and as before i make this my work
i never frauded with vat infact if i did i would not exist anymore would i?
all the info you find on that site are real
i can afford to stop whenever i want

there is nothing to make anymore in this clone / unlcok buisiness
your company never invented anything
i now of one thing and that is you sold a fps4 and a tdf4 set to someone
how send it to me for inspection
because it did not work

well how could it work? the processor was empty and no crystal on pcb
that is the thing i have seen personaly
i offered you the source but i guess 10000 usd was to much for you
so you went for different people in my surrounding who also had acess
wright or wrong?
all these idiots replying to my post on the talking clip have absolutely no right even reply to that post
they schould shut up and mind there own buisness
i never interfered exept if it was about my products
if i get screwed i screw back even if it cost me money
like zuleah did a while ago
me and zuleah also had our wars and problems
but we talked about all the **** at cebit 2003
and i must say we hade some fun there
exept we did not saw ANYONE of the people who make the most noice here on the gsmforum

i dont care what you do
but if idiots call me a cheater i get pissed of
i cheated no one infact i always payed lots of money for solutions
like 175000 dm for the first nokia solution and yes i was the first
remember? the mbus fault i bought 2 of them
stupid enough i borrowed it to my good old friend rasvan fatpescu
who had saras spy on the mbus
infact Deezel did this in 3 minutes thru hyper terminal

you got hold of it thru Beardman saras who sold it to you
and you ****ed the market within one week
selling it at 1000 ukp on the ******* in the uk
this is how you made your money
the biggest ****up i saw
was that everyonme who bought something else from you exept nokia (ericsson)
we pressed undelete on the a disk and the nokia program came back
so it got scattered within 6 hours allover the internet

anyway i am planning together with some other guys to reset the GSM WORLD
we will call it NO MORE SECRETS

we will set all to zero
all secrets out
and put a stop to the real idiots who **** up the prices on things and clones


Sandor (my real name)
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