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Originally Posted by mtony969
For all relgious nuts . Let he who is without sin cast the first stone
With that statment this thread should close
also sending threats to others?

also i can read some other stuff here
there are NO SECRETS:

Hi you are hard to get hold of. On the forum i wright my opinion only based only on what i read mate.
I was in a back stabbing bussnies for years and i mean stabing and shooting and of course
police i am to old for this game so i enter GSM this is very similar but without the real
Best way i can explain myself is called (old school ) This means a group of people
that opperate with certain code of practise a line you do not cross Honour and certain
The more i see this busniess there seems to not be people like myself anything goes
all people try to cheat others all is missing is violence and police .
I am sorry i find this all very hard to understand so you will have to forgive my ignorance
about the politics in this work.
Apart from that have you this soft for sale with dongle.

Reg Tony

anyway you have never met dave i can see that allready about the way you treat people
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