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If you dont have a winmo at hand but and android instread,

its possible to do a gold card also with an android phone
without qmat and without android sdk installed

for this method you

Must have

A windows pc (xp vista or 7)
htc sync installed (for drivers only)
sd card reader (optional)
a working android phone
(android sdk not required)


download goldcard tools 0.5

here - Wuala

download latest htc sync (get the latest for the android mobile model you are going to use)


Application - HTC Sync 3.0 for HTC Legend

after succesfull htc sync install

Format your sd card as Fat or Fat32 (Fat preferred if possible)
you can do this direcly in your phone or with a card reader
in your Pc with a format tool that allows Fat formatting as this one


Descargar HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool gratis

with the card formatted put it in your android phone
set it to usb debugging mode
(Menu/configuration/apps/development/usb depuration mode)
connect your android by USB to the pc AS DISK UNIT
and sync with HtcSync

when sync is done open gold card tools in Administrator mode

Click get cid button, if MMC1 does not bring the cid code try with MMC0

if successfull when cid code displayed generate gold card image
clicking at revskills link

Free HTC android goldcard generator | Phone System Analysis Software - PSAS

A image will be emailed to you within minutes.

Activate disk mode again in your phone, refresh and select the place
where the sd card is allocated, click load goldcard image and patch the MMC

Your Gold Card is ready.


not all sd cards brands can be gold carded, try the minimun size possible
and kingston or Sand Disk brand if possible, regular old fashioned sd better
there are reports of big storage sdhc cards not valid

if you see

FAILED (remote: 42 custom id check fail)

the card is not valid or the process is not done correctly

if you see

Executing adb shell cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:*/cid
Reading adb output
* daemon not running. starting it now *
* daemon started successfully *
Could not locate CID in output

then most likely abd cannot reach your android phone
try to sync again as disk mode but no recharging battery at same time
change fat32 to fat format

if an error comes patching the card try another one

the image is invisible as it patches sector 0 of the card, but its there

and you can continue using a gold card normally without any problem

once the gold car is correctly done you can introduce it in a bricked phone to
reflash a shipped rom or in your android to root it

Now,i need some help

im stuck with a bricked phone with and unlocked cid,
but i live in a small town so nobody around me knows what an htc is, nevertheless
what the hell is android...

so without a working phone i cannot create my own gold card

if somebody knows how to do it without phone just from a sd card reader
please let me know.

if someone know a valid link for an ELF01000 CID VODAP304 working shipped image i would aprecciate

or if someone lives in spain has a correctly done Gold card and allows me to borrow it for a while sending it to me by cheap mail so i can fix my phone,
i will ..aprecciate..i promise i will send it back.

thanks guys

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