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Originally Posted by bluelights
Please see attached screenshots for an insight to how Raskal thinks.
im sure you can see that the main thing it is about is money, no friends matter, no product matter.

also i would like to see Saras comment on this

we cannot say how we obtained this, but it is raskal talking.

feel free to comment.

Judgement day is approcahing fast for Raskal, he has done well to build up his enimies, i dont know if he has many friends left, this post is to show a small bit on how his mind works.

as i mentioned earlier we dont care anymore, the war was initiated by him and we will go to the end and further. our arsenal of weapons is strong, and we are ready to mash....

THis is not whole story, and you have no right to post this on public forum, without asking me about it. Anyway, here is third part of this joke, so hehehe, your "triumf" is ower now. You show us how much you're naive and, you know other word

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