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To you , Yellow Boss

now you quote my words , even you can't write something new !!!
i can swear by "G O D" you didn't even pass the high school stage ...
and you call yourself Qualified person ?!!!!! how come ??!!!!!
yes , i have to say sorry ... i'm not brilliant like you, .. i'm just graduated from university of wales in UK.. of course no need to compare between it and your amazing high school..
and just for your consideration , i'm specialist of CISCO equipments.. repairing phones was something in the past when i was young .
now, can you tell us a little about your Background of qualifications and certifications which you have ????
we want to be proud of the GREAT " YELLOW PUSSSSY " ....
last thing i want to say , every time you lead the conversation to network issues and bla bla bla ... although my question was specific..
i'm asking about the BACKUP FLASH FILES, do you suffer from mental disease prevents you from understanding my speech ???? or you escape from the question always because you can't find the answer ??? or you are ignorant ??
and for the third time i will say the phone support 900/1800 and the networks providers here do the same , so the problem is definitely so far from the bands if you understand wht i'm talking about .. oooooh !!
and for your consideration also , the problem is solved already by using MSTOOL 8 and writing good flash and eeprom and it's working perfectly now..
may you tell me why you don't reply the members who asking now ??? how many people are waiting for you ?? i saw many threads there without any reply , may you tell me why ? are you blind ??!! or you are shy to say " i'm stupid , sorry ".. or all wht you can do is insult members !!
if you are good man and want to be honorable product supporter , you would talk in gentle way and show me what is the right and the wrong if i was wrong ....
but here we say , the weak person who talk loudly always, and you didn't give any reason for fighting with me of your first reply..
i'm very sorry really to talk like that, even i didn't imagine i will write something such as this words someday .. but you lead the conversation to this way ... really you should find some help for yourself ...
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