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When i cloned Griffin Andrei would be first wich would post this on his site

When i cloned UFS, i would never get support from Saras, but i still get.

Some strange thigs here, right?

XPmobile is just the mask of your company, in fact he is not a programmer and you know that.

Daniel stop talk bull**** and confusions here, better help this guy in that thread to decrypt the file. Alex is the Algo Master all algos patented and copyrighted by you. At least i can read this in the Prodigy desclaimer from first releases. After that you pants became full and you changed it as it would be made by the so called "Xpmobile" heheheh, a guy wich can not even use the hex editor in right way. Really funny . Check all versions until you released now and read just compare desclaimer by yourself.


License Agreement

Please read the following terms and conditions before using this software.
Use of Prodigy software indicates you accept the terms of this license agreement.

Unless expressly and unambiguously approved by B-Phreaks Ltd, you may not:
-disassemble, de-compile, reverse engineer, trace or otherwise
analyze the equipment, its content, operation, or functionality,
or otherwise attempt to derive source code (or the underlying
ideas, algorithms, structure or organization) from the equipment
or from any other information provided by B-Phreaks Ltd, except
to the extent that this restriction is expressly prohibited by
local law;
-modify, adapt or create a derivative work of the equipment;
-remove from any copies of the equipment any product
identification, copyright or other notices;
-disseminate performance information or analysis (including,
without limitation, benchmarks) from any source relating to
the equipment.
......... bla bla bla bla and other shi.t.

So with other words, you scammer are allowed modifie, reverse engeneer and resell nokias propriety and all others can't resell or crack your soft? Visit doctor or go back to bulgaria to become man again.
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