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Originally Posted by Raskal
And remember, i touched just 2 projects becasue i had a reason for that, i had never reason to touch other since other ppl let me go and act like normal buisness men.

You should try to see the real world, not to live in cyberspace and in your own world.
Raskal your time will come
you made lots of enemy,s worldwide
you pissed on their thrust and believe,s and respect
soon all of this will be over
they will hunt you eather in romania , germany , china
wherever you go , money is not a issue , for you it is
you now there is allready some gsmmafia involved and they dont like that
their money dissapeares by your stupid decissions
they now all about you and your moves
it is all a mather of time
maybe now is the time enough is enough
stop your stupid moves
also everyone else here allways responding to other issues
mind your own buisnes
stop the arguments and ACT dont talk DO
even the people who i thought are professionals
are still fighting these clone wars
it is of no use you will all suffer from that just stop this arguments
soon we will all meet at cebit
i am SHURE there will be some nasty people there
however i dont fear anything i will observe
and see the cowards dont show up there
i dont need a 3 piece suit , i will blend in with the rest
and talk strategy,s


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