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Originally Posted by liatlevontin View Post
sbog, when you don't know anything about a subject, it's better to stay quite.
I dare say that i'm familiar with the problem under consideration, and you - are not:
Originally Posted by liatlevontin View Post
There is nothing in Google, I googled for 2 month, I didn't find any piece of code for it. Just found some very little detailed or so technical PDFs, none of them was useful for me to create such code/software. If you found something special, that would be good to share here to all people who searched in google for 2 month like me.
You wrote this 3 (Three) weeks ago in

It's not a newbie or fake thread post
Of course IT IS. You modified well known algorithm comp128v1 in two ways so producing fake v2 and v3 "versions". Afterwards you compiled for some strange reasons sources to DLL's and prepared yourself to get easy money.
You did not even mention neither the provider(s) whose SIM's had been used for the investigations with what CPUs and OS's - nor what method was used to extract the program and how many billions dollars your equipment costs. Mua-ha-ha-haaa.. You even did not include the source dump (or assembler code), but did include 100% unnecessary DLL's.

We've successfully reversed COMp128-2, so stop disturbing and spamming my thread
1. It's not YOUR thread - you only started this thread and you have NO special rights in the thread.
2. It was you who spammed in the forum by posting several identical messages in different threads such as this:
3. All that you want - is the money of innocent victims.
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