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cpu mtk 6252 along time to detected ?

hello mcn team

my box after last update canot detected any cpu 6252

to day in my hand phone contain 6252 cpu

my box fainaly detect this cpu but after 48 seconds

please mcnpro team fix this bug

but i am happy to see my box detect this cpu

this is the log

Welcome to use McnBox!
Selected COM4
Baud setting ...
Set Baud done
Initialize in progress ...
Checking data ...
Serial No. MCNxxxxxxxxxx
Firmware V1.15
Checksum 5BEA-72BE
Software V3.27
Box Connected!
Ready working at COM4
Start Scanning...
CPU: MT6250
GND:3 7,RXD:4,TXD:6
[G:3 7 R:4 T:6] Apply to Box
Press and Holding Power button now !
Connecting, wait...
Phone detected, wait..
CPU: 6252 Ver: CE00 SW:0101
Initialize Boot7 ...
Flash(Nor) Type [MXIC] MX25U6435E
Flash(Nor) Code 00C20025(00370000)
Flash(Nor) Size 0x00800000 Hex Bytes
Checking baud...
Set Baud:921600 Done.
Start Reading(Nor)...
The phone information:
SUPERCON52_6432_10A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6252_S01.D5203_AN X_S5610_ZTC_L1_S01.BIN
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