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Originally Posted by Bph&co

FLS4 code was extracted even before first 3th party flasher come out on the
market. Two years and a half is too much for any development and this is
the usual time Nokia changes algorithms and stuff.

So i guess its just time for a change, just see the number of DCT4 flashers
out there, and don't mention the code calculators, the only place i don't
see it is my microwave, but that probably because is not Java compatible

YOUR TEAM and others stay 2,5 years with FLS4 extracted HEX and can do NOTHING with this, even if all who have for more than 2 years this HEX (and Prodigy team had it long time before too) was not able to do nothing with this.

I received the HEX at the beginning of this summer (~3 months ago) and the prototype is ready. I have to manage only a real fast and quality production.

I will not enter here in technical details why YOU can not do anymore with this HEX (even I'm sure YOU was VEEEEEERY interested in producing FLS4 clones), but I will ask a simple question: What's your technical skills?

And now come here and make some 'noise' about future.
BUT, did you know than ANY original Nokia hardware still support the platform for who was made?
FLS1/2 - can flash ANY DCT3 (including latest releases) and work with ANY original software made by Nokia for DCT3 platform (Wintesla, Winlock)
FLS4 - can flash ANY DCT3 and DCT4 and work with ANY original software made by Nokia for DCT3 and DCT4 platforms (Wintesla, Winlock, Phoenix).

So, did you hear anything about DCT5 yet?
Oh, and I'm sure all your 3rd party tools will support DCT5 in just few days update Dream on, baby ....

So, please stop making 'nonsense noises' because after I will manage production for FLS4 clones will have enough free time .... and maybe I will make some research about your system for transform clones Prodigy into original ones. Are you sure you are prepaired to have me as an enemy? Ah, and forget, I also speak same native language with Raskal

Best regards,

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