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Originally Posted by source
well, i also hope to see the so called DCT5 coming very soon, but who knows...

would be very nice to take again the codes business in hands like many of us did 2 years ago (oh boy, that was so good;-))
Nokia is constantly blacklisting Box-SNs of DCT4 faster than ever before...
My first original (from ONE 32836) was blacklisted after only 2 months, because of the kids like Mr. Wolfman *g*

This is no problem for me, as I am using original ones now.

I cannot discuss here much, because I am by way not as skilled as anyone of you guys (Zulea, bph, ...) - but I think I am more skilled than those other calculator/shell kiddies...

I just wonder, why the AT89C4051 progmem of Calc4DCT4 was not free 2 months after release of that crappy dongle, since free HEXes are now being released/exchanged faster than ever.
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