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Sever ok?

Hi, i got same problem.
Internet is fine. Antivirus disable.
I removed cyclone completely, restarted pc. reinstalled, but can't do anything..

"Server Tools Launched, Engine Revision:
LG Get Codes Started for IMEI 357028040677304
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Bootloader], [Platform: Classic]
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Box], [Platform: Classic]
Please Wait...
Failed to Get LG Codes -> Failed to Connect to Cyclone Server"
tried maintainence tools:

"Support Area Launched, Engine Revision:
Started authenthication procedure at 19:38:55
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Box], [Platform: Classic]
Box Service Tag: 52DF739E733650B20718F7CB26286CCE
Authenthication error -> Failed to connect to Cyclone Server"
+ Box Wizard:
"Failed to connect to server. Check connection"
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