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Post Your Successful Lumia 800 (with Usb)NO TP Unlock Log

Lumia 800 No TP rooted with cyclone and patch unlocked with another box

Great update, best of all is that phone isnīt warranty void

Nokia DCT4/WD2/BB5 Service Tool Initialization Started, Engine Revision:
Establishing Connection with Box in Main Mode...
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Box], [Platform: Classic]
Initializing box...
V6.0.1), Type: Signed Production Application, (C) KarwosSoft 2012
Hardware Platform: Cyclone Reloaded Flasher Interface (c) 2012 KarwosLabs
Box Serial Number: XXXXXXXX
Time: 2012, wk01 / 2011, wk27
Box is activated
Super DCT4 Activation: TRUE
XGold/Blackberry Service Running, Counter: 100
Avaiable Physical Memory: 1.125GB
Avaiable Virtual Memory: 1.774GB
Avaiable Pagefile: 3.1023GB
Initializing FBUS...
All initialized - Ready to work
Lumia No TP Root Procedure Started...

If phone is alive, It will be automatically swithced to OSBL mode.
If software can't switch to OSBL mode, or phone is generally DEAD do folllowing:

1. Turn OFF device, wait 15 seconds afterwards
2. Eject USB cable, wait 10 seconds
3. Press and hold Volume-UP button
4. Insert USB Cable. OSBL should be booted.

Booting CMT...
[Nokia USB Connectivity]: WinUSB Port opened OK!
OSBL Details
Protocol: v1.0
Version: v256.4
Build: 10
Timestamp: 29-09-2011 14:38:56
OSBL Bootloader Ready
USB&UART Tracing set
RSA Signature Calculated for QCB Boot, Writing...
OSBL Certificate Details
Magic:		WP70
Version:		0
Signer Server ID:	0x98031573
Signer Timestamp:	28-09-2011 14:52:12
Signer S/N:	23
Signer User ID:	10046114
Auth Level:	Care
Data Encryption:	0
Image Index:	0
Asic Index:	0
Type:		Image Write
Hashtable Parsed OK
Certificate Accepted
[ASIC 0, Storage 4,1] Writing 850.552kB @ 0x000000000007D200
Write taken 1.139s (Average speed: 6117,31kBits/s)
Restoring Modem from BACKUP_RAMFS_IMAGE...
Restore OK
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