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c2-02.1 usb rm-693

CPU: AuthenticAMD, Sp: 12
Platform: Windows NT 5.1 (Build 2600 Service Pack 3)
Versions: Ufs2xx.dll 3.2.7, Ufs2xx.sys 2.8.30
Current Paths:
EXE : C:\Archivos de programa\Nokia\Phoenix
TESLA: C:\Wintesla\
DCT3 : C:\Archivos de programa\Nokia\Phoenix\Flash3\
DCT4 : C:\Archivos de programa\Nokia\Phoenix\Flash\
BB5 : C:\Archivos de programa\Nokia\Phoenix\Flash\
UFSx Devices not Found
UFSx Devices not Found
UFST Boot v1.2 (c)SarasSoft 2012 Id: 54 4D 1 0
UFST Core v1.2 (c)SarasSoft 2012 Sn: 12748103
HID: D3FA12F842600060, HWK: A1.04-PRO1
SID: 76A71B7F34894855ABC3DF0AD46574C475972A4E
XID: 984DEF6637F12B0B14757CD3861D1D216C445C22
Licence: True
LogFile: .\_!_LOG\12748103_28102013_095434_LOG.txt
Insert USB Cable to Switched OFF Phone and Power ON
Insert USB Cable to Switched OFF Phone and Power ON
IF_EBL: Quantum_Bootloader_10.46_M1S1 10.46, Mode: CC
FL_ID : EC001230, Samsung K5N1258ACM 512Mb
MCU FLASH BUNDLE: rm692__07.65.mcusw
Flash File: rm692__07.65.mcusw_ebl_psi.fls
Erase Area: 0x40000000 - 0x4001FFFE, Erased: 00:00
Write Area: 0x40000000 - 0x4001FFFE, Written: 00:00
Erase Area: 0x40040000 - 0x4005FFFE, Erased: 00:00
Write Area: 0x40040000 - 0x4005FFFE, Written: 00:00
Erase Area: 0x40060000 - 0x4015FFFE, Erased: 00:02
Write Area: 0x40060000 - 0x4015FFFE, Written: 00:01
Erase Area: 0x40280000 - 0x41DBFFFE, Erased: 00:55
Write Area: 0x40280000 - 0x41D3FFFE, Written: 00:34
Erase Area: 0x43E20000 - 0x43E5FFFE, Erased: 00:00
PPM FLASH BUNDLE: rm692__07.65.ppm_l
Flash File: package_l.ppm_ebl_psi.fls
Erase Area: 0x41DC0000 - 0x424BFFFE, Erased: 00:09
Write Area: 0x41DC0000 - 0x421A8856, Written: 00:04
CNT FLASH BUNDLE: rm693__07.65_007.image_l_claro_co_v4_9m697
Flash File: /ZWork_Area/rm693_sw_settings_28/temp/059M697/CONTENT_CONFIG/package_l_claro_co.image.fls
Erase Area: 0x424C0000 - 0x43E1FFFE, Erased: 00:47
Write Area: 0x424C0000 - 0x4317FFFE, Written: 00:14
Erase Area: 0x43E60000 - 0x43F3FFFE, Erased: 00:02
Flashing Done: 02:57
ShutDown Done
UI Defaults Ok, Time: 00:00
Set UI Factory Defaults ...
Set Full Factory Defaults ...
Set Full Factory Defaults ...
Set Security Ok, Time: 00:00
Set Software Upgrade Defaults Ok, Time: 00:00
Set Full Factory Defaults ...
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