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HTC One M7 - directEMMC Pinout

Successefuly connected to box on COM13
Box S/N: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, ,FW Ver.: 01.47
Loading eMMC Addon Firmware...
CMD Pullup Level:1742 mV
CMD Active Level:1866 mV
EMMC CID 1501004D4247344741002507630E2133
EMMC CSD D02701320F5903FFF6DBFFEF8E40400D
EMMC Manufactorer ID: 15
EMMC Date: 02/1998 FW rev.0x0 HW rev.0x0
EMMC Serial #: 621241102
EMMC Capacity: 29820 MB (High Density Card)
Extended CSD rev 1.6 (MMC 4.5)
Card Supported Command sets [S_CMD_SET: 0x01]
HPI Features [HPI_FEATURE: 0x01]: 
implementation based on CMD13
Background operations support [BKOPS_SUPPORT: 0x01]
Max Packet Read Cmd [MAX_PACKED_READS: 0x3f]
Max Packet Write Cmd [MAX_PACKED_WRITES: 0x3f]
Data TAG support [DATA_TAG_SUPPORT: 0x01]
Data TAG Unit Size [TAG_UNIT_SIZE: 0x04]
Tag Resources Size [TAG_RES_SIZE: 0x00]
Context Management Capabilities [CONTEXT_CAPABILITIES: 0x05]
Large Unit Size [LARGE_UNIT_SIZE_M1: 0x07]
Extended partition attribute support [EXT_SUPPORT: 0x03]
Generic CMD6 Timer [GENERIC_CMD6_TIME: 0x0a]
Power off notification [POWER_OFF_LONG_TIME: 0x3c]
Cache Size [CACHE_SIZE] is 65536 KiB
Background operations status [BKOPS_STATUS: 0x00]
TRIM Multiplier [TRIM_MULT: 0x02]
Secure Feature support [SEC_FEATURE_SUPPORT: 0x55]
Boot Information [BOOT_INFO: 0x07]
Device supports alternative boot method
Device supports dual data rate during boot
Device supports high speed timing during boot
Boot partition size [BOOT_SIZE_MULTI: 0x10]
Access size [ACC_SIZE: 0x07]
High-capacity erase unit size [HC_ERASE_GRP_SIZE: 0x01]
High-capacity erase timeout [ERASE_TIMEOUT_MULT: 0x01]
Reliable write sector count [REL_WR_SEC_C: 0x01]
High-capacity W protect group size [HC_WP_GRP_SIZE: 0x10]
Sleep current (VCC) [S_C_VCC: 0x07]
Sleep current (VCCQ) [S_C_VCCQ: 0x07]
Sleep/awake timeout [S_A_TIMEOUT: 0x11]
Sector Count [SEC_COUNT: 0x03a3e000]
Partition switching timing [PARTITION_SWITCH_TIME: 0x01]
Out-of-interrupt busy timing [OUT_OF_INTERRUPT_TIME: 0x02]
I/O Driver Strength [DRIVER_STRENGTH: 0x0f]
Card Type [CARD_TYPE: 0x17]
CSD structure version [CSD_STRUCTURE: 0x02]
Command set [CMD_SET: 0x00]
Command set revision [CMD_SET_REV: 0x00]
Power class [POWER_CLASS: 0x00]
High-speed interface timing [HS_TIMING: 0x00]
Erased memory content [ERASED_MEM_CONT: 0x00]
Boot configuration bytes [PARTITION_CONFIG: 0x00]
Not boot enable
No access to boot partition
Boot config protection [BOOT_CONFIG_PROT: 0x00]
Boot bus Conditions [BOOT_BUS_CONDITIONS: 0x00]
High-density erase group definition [ERASE_GROUP_DEF: 0x00]
Boot write protection status registers [BOOT_WP_STATUS]: 0x00
Boot Area Write protection [BOOT_WP]: 0x00
Power ReadOnly locking: possible
Permanent ReadOnly locking: possible
Read Only lock status: not locked
User area write protection register [USER_WP]: 0x00
FW configuration [FW_CONFIG]: 0x00
Write reliability setting register [WR_REL_SET]: 0x1f
Write reliability parameter register [WR_REL_PARAM]: 0x04
Enable background operations handshake [BKOPS_EN]: 0x01
H/W reset function [RST_N_FUNCTION]: 0x01
HPI management [HPI_MGMT]: 0x00
Partitioning Support [PARTITIONING_SUPPORT]: 0x07
Device support partitioning feature
Device can have enhanced tech.
Max Enhanced Area Size [MAX_ENH_SIZE_MULT]: 0x000747
Partitions attribute [PARTITIONS_ATTRIBUTE]: 0x00
Partitioning Setting [PARTITION_SETTING_COMPLETED]: 0x00
General Purpose Partition Size
[GP_SIZE_MULT_4]: 0x000000
[GP_SIZE_MULT_3]: 0x000000
[GP_SIZE_MULT_2]: 0x000000
[GP_SIZE_MULT_1]: 0x000000
Enhanced User Data Area Size [ENH_SIZE_MULT]: 0x000000
Enhanced User Data Start Address [ENH_START_ADDR]: 0x000000
Bad Block Management mode [SEC_BAD_BLK_MGMNT]: 0x00
Periodic Wake-up [PERIODIC_WAKEUP]: 0x00
Program CID/CSD in DDR mode support [PROGRAM_CID_CSD_DDR_SUPPORT]: 0x01
Native sector size [NATIVE_SECTOR_SIZE]: 0x00
Sector size emulation [USE_NATIVE_SECTOR]: 0x00
Sector size [DATA_SECTOR_SIZE]: 0x00
1st initialization after disabling sector size emulation [INI_TIMEOUT_EMU]: 0x00
Class 6 commands control [CLASS_6_CTRL]: 0x00
Number of addressed group to be Released[DYNCAP_NEEDED]: 0x00
Exception events control [EXCEPTION_EVENTS_CTRL]: 0x0000
Exception events status[EXCEPTION_EVENTS_STATUS]: 0x0000
Extended Partitions Attribute [EXT_PARTITIONS_ATTRIBUTE]: 0x0000
Packed command status [PACKED_COMMAND_STATUS]: 0x00
Packed command failure index [PACKED_FAILURE_INDEX]: 0x00
Power Off Notification [POWER_OFF_NOTIFICATION]: 0x00
Control to turn the Cache ON/OFF [CACHE_CTRL]: 0x00
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