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  1. JKM-LX1 to Jackman-LX1 done
  2. Failed to read packet from server!
  3. HCU on infinity not working
  4. Missing IMEI files in secure partition! How to fix?
  5. EXCLUSIVE FIX Repairing Missing IMEI files in secure partition! 1ST In the WORLD t4l
  6. CLT-L04 unknown usb device after flash bootloader
  7. copy past cheap lazy teams shame hua hda etc
  8. software locked to other pc
  9. FIG-LX1 IMEI Repair Done by Xloader Mode
  10. dc unlocker tools not working
  11. info for time license
  12. Error
  13. after update hcu exe problem - dongle not recognized not detected
  14. D-02K sim Unlocking... IMEI Repair.. bootloader unlock.... please help
  15. Hcu Client Huawei Tool - v.362 + include File To Fix Error_0xc0150002
  16. HCU v1.0.0.0362 Huawei P20 and others - Sn, Mac and more repair options added
  17. Clt-l09 dead after imei repair
  18. huawei nova 2 imei repair error
  19. EML-L29 imei repair cpu not support ??
  20. huawei KOB-L09
  21. HI Admin
  22. ELE-L29 downgrade
  23. how chose correct loader?
  24. LLD-AL10 kirin659 imei repair problem with new HCU Client v1.0.0.0358
  25. hcu 0358 not working on best dongle [SOLVED]
  26. Account Type problem HCU_V358
  27. Help! error login wrong password
  28. dcphoinex always error
  29. Huawei HWV32 Unlocked done.
  30. Dc-Phoenix - v.132
  31. HCU Huawei Tool v.358 + Fix Error_0xc0150002
  32. Phone not found ! fastboot
  33. Marie-L21A downgrade
  34. dc-phoenix request
  35. pleas help for activation
  36. I have a problem, please help COR-L29
  37. error login wrong password
  38. When Support Huawei KSA-LX9/New MTK Phones Imei Repair?
  39. tell me you can restore my phone(soft brick)
  40. after update hcu exe problem - dongle not recognized
  41. unlock moden claro peru
  42. HCU v1.0.0.0358 update! IMEI/MEID repair in fastboot, P20, P20 pro and more
  43. TRT-Lx2 Firmware update
  44. Can I use DC Unlocker on NCK box and Miracle box
  45. Plase unlock dongle/
  46. dc phoenix v129 cant bypass any phone
  47. update oeminfo need help
  48. Vodafone Huawei R218h Modem unlock solution
  49. Exception: Access violation at address 0040B30E in module 'DCPhoenix_v127.exe'
  50. DC-Unlocker v1431 update
  51. Server Error
  52. Huawei P Smart Z Stark-L21 downgrade
  53. Huawei P Smart FIG-LX3 Sim Unlock Done
  54. DC-Phoenix: session error when try login
  55. Hcu password change
  56. Huawei P9 EVA-L09 / L19 Dead/Unbrick | Umts | Write SN | MAC | IMEI Recover Done
  57. stk l21 dead
  58. LLD-L21 honor 9 Lite FRP Reset Done
  59. DC-Unlocker - Sierra Compass 889 - modem_data.cdf
  60. problem in change imei with hcu
  61. Huawei E5180 4G LTE
  62. Change country/vendor kirin 980
  63. Huawei 503hw unlock done
  64. POT-LX1 downgrade
  65. TAS-AN00 not flash?????
  66. P30 lite downgrade help
  67. Please help me to revive this p30 lite
  68. LYA-L29 FRP downgrade firmware
  69. HLK-AL00 Error downloading file 3 of 44 ??
  70. Access violation at address 0185456F
  71. Clt-l09 frp bypass
  72. zte blade L111 network unlock
  73. Urgent Help Needed
  74. MAR-LX1M C361 error when flasing vbmeta
  75. HCU no longer updated
  76. dra-lx2 frp done
  77. team help..........
  78. need nv data col-l29 thx
  79. vog-l04 bricked need help please
  80. error server 23942264
  81. Error running winxp
  82. Huawei p8 lite imei repair sucessfully done
  83. Huawei P20 Pro CLT-AL00 convert to CLT-L29 n remove huwaie id done
  84. LND-AL10 unbrick help!!!
  85. Mi account remove error credits back
  86. Extensión HCU client
  87. Y9 2019 STK Bricked
  88. dua-al00 or other mtk support by dc or not?
  89. Help me for mate 20 pro
  90. lay-l29 mate 20 pro bricked
  91. mate30pro 5G----Bypass version check and Update server Error
  92. DC-Phoenix v132 update
  93. Huawei P Smart FIG-LX3 IMEI Repaired
  94. y7 prime 2018
  95. Huawei Honor 8 (FRD-L19) bootloop on Honor
  96. DC Uninstall Devices program can update???!!!
  97. HWI-AL00 imei 000000
  98. Airbox orange unlocked as huawei E5372
  99. Need following file to repair imei (HCU + DC Phoenix)
  100. Hcu not opening
  101. License not valid, please renew
  102. xiaomi redmi 4 pro remove account??
  103. ANE-LX1 Remove User Code without data loss?
  104. Need help P30 Lite MAR-LX3A flash wrong firwamre
  105. Huawei MiFi E5377 "unlocked" but "blocked"
  106. P30 Leica Ele-L04 error while downgrading
  107. Y7 Primei Imei repair fail
  108. honor 9n 4g not working
  109. how to flash : usb com 1.0 huawei MAR-LX2
  110. i need rne-l21 flash board no on suport
  111. Huawei mar-lx1m frp error
  112. help me
  113. col-al10
  114. E5577s-321 didn't unlock credit gon
  115. Zain huawei wifi E5372 unlock
  116. Software locked to other PC!
  117. EML-L29 P20 Stuck on Logo
  118. DC Phoenix cannot connect to server, please help.
  119. error with new windows
  120. software locked to another pc
  121. plz Help .. HCU Access denied
  122. p30 pro frp with dc-unlocker
  123. clt al00 huawei id
  124. Acces Denied
  125. Access denied (for using protocol monitoring software)
  126. vtr-l09 failed to flash board sofware
  127. Y3-17 Frp Faile Solution
  128. need help mt7-tl10 oeminfo
  129. Is p20 lite ANE LX1 8.0.0 153 (c432) network unlock supported
  130. DC Phoenix Session Error!
  131. Huawei Honor 8c frp unlock failure
  132. My HCU Dongle has been blocked with no reason
  133. Software locked to other PC!
  134. MHA-L29 Downgrade Fail
  135. huawei y7 prime DUB-LX1 NV file
  136. Software locked to other pc DC Phoenix
  137. Do you plan to make a new update
  138. Access denied (for using protocol monitoring software)
  139. latest DC unlocker server error - when will be online?
  140. TRT-AL00 How To Rebrand
  141. hcu clint stolen credit
  142. please refund my credits
  143. Huawei mrd Lx1 imei repier possible with hcy tool
  144. DC Phoenix write firmware option
  145. dua al00 dead only mtk ports
  146. hcu locked account
  147. E5785LH-92a zain locked (help please)
  148. Hello DC Team Plz Guide Me
  149. hcu failed work but deducted credits
  150. VTR-L09 flash boardsorware failed
  151. unlocking p10 bootloader: phone not found
  152. Huawei P8 Lite After Flash Dead!
  153. HUAWEI P20 lite IMEI recovery
  154. Jkm-lx3 bricked
  155. Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 DUB-LX1 FRP remove not done :(.
  156. how to remove Honor 8x JSN-L42 demo mode
  157. huawei e5577s-321 imei repair
  158. plz Help : Access Denied
  159. ldn-l21 dead boot, only 9008
  160. hcu Access denied
  161. help to unlock e5577es-932
  162. HUAWEI DUB-AL00 id removal
  163. Huawei P10 Lite [WAS-L01] Demo Mode Remove ;)
  164. pleas help
  165. Huawei P10 Lite [WAS-LX1] IMEI Repair Done.
  166. ane-lx1 colors issue
  167. Software locked to other PC! HCu user pass error
  168. Software locked to other PC!
  169. Software locked to other PC! HCu error
  170. Avaiable Files on Support
  171. Auto reboot disable
  172. Honor V10(BKL-L09, eu432) oeminfo file for DC Phoenix?
  173. Huawei P10 Plus VKY-L09 / L29 Downgrade || IMEI Repair / Change Vendor || FRP Removed
  174. software locked to other pc! dcphoenix
  175. Need to unlock bootloader for my Huawei Nova 2i RNE-L02 and Huawei Medipad T2 BGO-L03
  176. Huawei honor 10 lite HRY-AL00a huawei id remove possible?
  177. ANE-L01 Repair as empty board Done
  178. ANE-LX2 Huawei P20 lite unbrick failed
  179. Honor 8C IMEI repair succeed but IMEI not repaired
  180. Failed to remove huawei id
  181. dc unlocker please help
  182. HCU Server are OK
  183. DC Phoenix OEMINFO BUG
  184. INE-LX1r and POT-LX1 kirin 710 helpp!!
  185. pls add dra-lx5
  186. LLD-Al20 after Board firmware Touch Problem
  187. HCU Client -Model: LND-L29 frp done
  188. DUB-LX1 USB Device REMOVAL / Cannot Flash
  189. mate 20 pro can support
  190. how to unlock mtk hwawei
  191. Hcu Client - v.353 + Dc-Phoenix - v.118
  192. HCU Team Update More Feture add New Models
  193. ARS-AL00 deaf after flash online ota fw
  194. Bla-l29 frp done
  195. locked other pc
  196. Unlocks limit exceeded
  197. HCU Bootloader code read in Kirin 710 Board Firmware
  198. HCU error meta_dll.dll
  199. P20 LITE Downgrade done
  200. vtr-l29 after write board firmware Phone Screen Help