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  14. 🐙 Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.9.7 is out! 🐙
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  33. Does anyone have Uart cable schematic for samsung microusb to usb?
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  37. samsung SM-J250F FRP lock is successfully reseted Octoplus FRP Tool
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  47. walton f8s frp done oct frp tool
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  104. added to list team frp succes Brand: KIOWA Model: S5_CRISTAL
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  112. Lg-mlx220mb [Answered]
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  120. 🐙 Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.9.6 is out! 🐙
  121. INOI 3 Lite not done. decision [Answered]
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  127. Infinix X650C (Hot 8) FRP lock is successfully reseted Octoplus FRP Tool
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  164. Alcatel PIXI4_5_4G (5045X), 2 FRP REMOVED + FACTORY RESET+ TUTORIAL
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  166. RESET FRP Condor L4 ( SP642 ) Via Octoplus FRP Tool
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  168. Hie
  169. CatS48C [Answered]
  170. Qmobile i6 metal one frp done 100% good tools
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  179. TECNO KC2 FRP lock is successfully reseted
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  189. Reset fro infinix x608 qcom with octoplus
  190. Romove FRP Brandt BPRIME Via Octoplus FRP Tool
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  195. tecno spark air 6 (ke6) done world first!!!!!!
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  197. Infinix X680 FRP removed successful
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