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  1. Huawei LDN-L21 Reset FRP Just One Click With OCTOPUS HUAWEI KING
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  23. Anyone please help me [Answered]
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  37. DEAR OCTOPUS TEAM Plz Ans And Help ME [Answered]
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  39. ART-L29‬ Reset Huawei ID Done
  40. plz hlep me Huawei Y7 2019 [Answered]
  41. Huawei Mate 10 Lite Hang On Logo Done With Flash OCTOPUS HUAWEI KING
  42. Huawei STK-L21 Reset FRP Successfully With OCTOPUS HUAWEI KING
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  44. MAR-LX1A‬ Write Cert Done
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  66. Cdy-lx9a [Answered]
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  83. Huawei P8 Lite Hang On Logo Done With Flash OCTOPUS HUAWEI KING
  84. hello team [Answered]
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  92. Ags3k-w09 [Answered]
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  94. huawei y6 error [Answered]
  95. Feature reques
  96. please add cam-l21 unlock sim [Answered]
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  98. HUAWEI NOVA Y70 Mga-lx9 HiSilicon Kirin 710 support network unlock? [Answered]
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  100. Huawei ATU-L11 dead flashing error by EDL
  101. Med-l29 huawei id done
  102. kirin 990 new sec,xloader writing error [Answered]
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  114. huawei lya-l29 stuck on writing xloader partition [Answered]
  115. Octopus card not found [Answered]
  116. WAS-LX1A Repair IMEI Done
  117. HUAWEI P30 ele-l29 FRP Question [Answered]
  118. jny-lx1 issue [Answered]
  119. ‪MGA-L29‬ kirin 710 Read/write cert [Answered]
  120. Ine-lx1 downgrade and frp done
  121. VNS-L31‬ Reset FRP Done
  122. VNS AL00 Imei Repair Issue [Answered]
  123. ‪POT-LX1‬ Reset FRP Done
  124. Clt l09 bricked phone recovery seccessful and remove frp with king octopu
  125. honor 7c-LND-L29 security repair timeout problem [Answered]
  126. ANE-LX1‬ Reset FRP Done
  127. MRD-LX1 Reset FRP Done
  128. Huawei Honor 9 lite Reset FRP SUCCESSFULLY With OCTOPUS HUAWEI KING
  129. Huawei Nova 3i Reset FRP Successfully With OCTOPUS HUAWEI KING
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  131. JNY-KX2 huawei ID issue please help [Answered]
  132. ANE-LX2‬ REPAIR IMEI Done
  133. clt-l09 Checking resource information [Answered]
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  135. ART-L29 Will Team plain to add MTK models for ID ? [Answered]
  136. MAR-LX1A‬ Reset FRP Done
  137. Huawei Nova 8i NEN-LX1 Reset Huawei ID Done
  138. ‪CDY-AN00‬ reset Huawei ID issue [Answered]
  140. Hello JLN-lx1 huawei id support! [Answered]
  141. Honor 8X [JSN-AL00] Downgrade Done
  142. TAS-AL00 Reset Huawei ID issue [Answered]
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  145. huawei honor magic4 pro demo [Answered]
  146. Lld-al30 h id
  147. JNY-LX1 Issue [Answered]
  148. ‪JNY-L21‬ hid remove [Answered]
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  151. eve-lx9 supported? [Answered]
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  153. HUAWEI TRT LX2 Your device has failed verification and may not work property DONE
  154. octoplus huawei [Answered]
  155. POT-LX1T ON/OFF factory mode Qoustion [Answered]
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  164. PPA-LX2‬ Reset Huawei ID done
  165. PPA-LX2 Reset FRP Done
  166. PPA-LX2 Reset Huawei ID Done
  167. NEN-L22 Chip is Damaged After ID Reset [Answered]
  168. INE-LX1 write cert without dissambling phone
  169. Help JSC-AL50 Huawei ID [Answered]
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  174. failed flash huawei BLA-L09 [Answered]
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  177. octopus huawei tool activation errpor [Solved]
  178. clt-l09 p 20 pro board software [Answered]
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  180. huawei AMN-LX2 NETWORK UNLOCK [Answered]
  181. What is wrong with JNY-LX1 - JNY-L21 [Answered]
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  183. Restore "Chip is Damaged" [Answered]
  184. Jad-lx9 chip damaged [Answered]
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  197. Huawei Enjoy 6s DIG-L21‬ Reset FRP done Octoplus Huawei Tool
  198. Octoplus huawei id not done [Solved]
  199. Huawei ldn-lx2 frp remove done
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