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  10. 🐙Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.2.0 is out!🐙
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  26. FIG-LA1 Board Software [Answered]
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  29. HRY-LX1MEB downgrade [Answered]
  30. huawei y7 prime DUB-LX1 no service
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  32. dub-AL00 cant flash [Solved]
  33. PCT-L29 10.0.0 FRP done
  34. sever connecting [Answered]
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  39. How to do Repair [Answered]
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  42. WAS-LX1A Reset FRP (Fastboot Mode) done
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  45. Vky-l09 [Answered]
  46. Regarding reading the bootloader unlock code [Answered]
  47. ksa-lx9 died boot [Answered]
  48. need 1.8 verison [Answered]
  49. jat-l29 frp
  50. Fig-la1 (c185e5r1p4)‬ [Answered]
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  55. huwaei STK-L21M y9 prime frp?
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  59. YAL-L21 board firmware
  60. Huawei ANE-LX1 Hang On Logo [Answered]
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  62. stk-l22 build info wrong,how to fix [Answered]
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  64. how to flash android 10 sne-lx1 c432
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  66. KSA-LX9 dead by third party , need to unbrick [Answered]
  67. FIG-LA1 this firmware needed [Answered]
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  70. Eva-l09 flashing error [Answered]
  71. huawei pedia pad t5 frp done via test point
  72. Easy way to repair IMEI for DUB-LX1
  73. DRA-LX5 , LX2 Fail in write firmware , read [Answered]
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  78. nova 3i INE-LX1r [Answered]
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  82. Huawei SCL-U31 Reset Frp Successfully With OCTOPUS Huawei Tool
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  84. octoplus huawei [Answered]
  85. DRA-LX5 Reset FRP (Fastboot Mode) done
  86. Lua-u22 imei repair done
  87. Huawei Y7 Prime2018 Reset Frp Just One Click With OCTOPUS HUAWEI TOOL
  88. Add usb com 1.0 imei repier [Answered]
  89. huawei mrd-l00 Write Firmware(Board mode) failed [Answered]
  90. how to write update.app file in hisilicon usb com1 [Answered]
  91. 🐙 Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.9 is out! 🐙
  92. ATU-L21 Y6 2018 FRP via fastboot done
  93. imei repair huawei p10 plus vly-L09 [Answered]
  94. D-02K sim unlocking ... bootloader unlock please help
  95. RNE-L21 Bricked usb 1.0 port only help
  96. Huawei tool not opening [Answered]
  97. Need Board Software For Huawei LDN-L21 [Answered]
  98. Huawei P20 Lite ANE-LX1 frp remove done
  99. ‪POT-LX1AF‬ frp done
  100. Octoplus MAR-AL00 Downshift to android 9 [Answered]
  101. compatibility board firmware [Answered]
  102. BND-L24 hang on logo how to flash [Answered]
  103. DUB-LX1 Reset FRP (Test Point) done
  104. AMN-LX9 Repair Imei done
  105. DUA-L22 Reset FRP (Fastboot Mode) done
  106. SCL-L21 Signal emergency only [Answered]
  107. P20 Pro CLT-L29 OEMINFO Change doesn't worked [Solved]
  108. dub-lx1 upgrade mode error [Answered]
  109. ane-lx1 c432 latest version downgrade done
  110. Need Board Firmware For Huawei Y550-L02 [Answered]
  111. hi sir huawei 1.1.8 disable board firmware write [Answered]
  112. mediapad t5 (AGS2-L09) possble to downgrade for network unlock? [Answered]
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  114. bnd-l21 frp error but! [Answered]
  115. Read Info in Fastboot [Solved]
  116. ALE-L21 - P8 lite - how to flash [Answered]
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  118. POT-LX1 Unlock [Answered]
  119. Ele l29 9.1.122 downgrad done frp safe mode
  120. Y5 lite DRA-LX5 C185 scatter rom needed
  121. Pot lx1 c316 downgrad frp done
  122. unlock frp p30 lite mar-lx1m successfully
  123. HUAWEI Y5 Reset FRP (Fastboot Mode) done Octoplus Huawei Tool
  124. Stk-l21mdv huawei y9s , the most phone bricked all over the world [Answered]
  125. stk-lx1 dead (usb 1.0) [Answered]
  126. question about this box [Answered]
  127. Board firmware problem pls help.
  128. Y635-L21 usb upgrade fail help [Answered]
  129. 🐙 Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.8 is out! 🐙
  130. Huawei P10 Lite (WAS-LX1A) Reset FRP done Octoplus Huawei Tool
  131. Huawei H1711 unlock support? [Answered]
  132. P30 lite p20 lite &p20 pro sim unlocking... imei repair [Answered]
  133. Pra-la1 frp unlock done
  134. MRD-LX1F imei repair done With Latest Security
  135. Dub-lx1 frp unlock done
  136. Huawei CUN-Al00 Reset Frp Fail DA Info Error [Answered]
  137. ‪atu-l31‬ frp unlock done
  138. Octopus Huawei problem [Solved]
  139. Lya-l29 flash question [Answered]
  140. y7 2019 dub-lx1 frp done
  141. ‪LLD-AL10 Firmware Need [hang on logo] [Answered]
  142. Huawei DUB-LX1 Connet Problem how to solved ? [Solved]
  143. Bootloader Download ? [Answered]
  144. ‪LDN-L21‬ Reset FRP (Fastboot Mode) done. Octoplus Huawei Tool
  145. ATU-L31 Reset FRP done Octoplus Huawei Tool‬
  146. Huawei Honor 8A JAT-L29 frp remove done test point
  147. ane-lx1 downgrade from 9 to 8.0 (c55) Failed!! [Answered]
  148. Bla-L29 Downgrade firmware need [Answered]
  149. please add mha-l29 board firmware [Answered]
  150. LLD-L21 Test point is not valid in the software [Answered]
  151. P30 pro bootloader unlock .... please help [Answered]
  152. input runner string [Solved]
  153. Huawei DUB-LX1 NVM File
  154. how to frp huawei y9 2019? [Answered]
  155. huawei ldn-l21 imei repair [Answered]
  156. octoplus huawei login error [Solved]
  157. DRA-LX2 Reset FRP done Octoplus Huawei Tool
  158. Bq U2 EDL wrog Mode
  159. Octoplus is going Digital!
  160. Huawei P8 Lite Write Board Software Successfully With Octopus Huawei Tool
  161. Honor 5C (NEM-L51) board need [Answered]
  162. connection Problem [Answered]
  163. CAM L-21 frp done
  164. VOG-L29 device managed by admin remove ? [Answered]
  165. Honour 9N need help for to find the firmware
  166. Honor 8A jAT-L29 OEM Info Repair Failed [Answered]
  167. Huawei Y7 prime LDN-L21 error sending loader please help me [Answered]
  168. huawei pot-lx1 p smart 2019 [Answered]
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  173. huawei honor 8a jat-l29 recived dead [Solved]
  174. Scl-u31 flashing & imei repair done
  175. POT-LX1 Dead Only 1.0 [Answered]
  176. help!mra-lx1m dead [Answered]
  177. Hello Octopus Team Plz Tell Wich File I Use For Reset Frp [Answered]
  178. Conection problem [Solved]
  179. Huawei G610-U20 Write Firmware Not Supported For This Device [Answered]
  180. huawei p9 eva-l19 after write fimware no service [Answered]
  181. stk lx3 dead after safe mode downgrade [Answered]
  182. huawei p30 imei repair possible [Answered]
  183. Huawei Y9 2019 JKM-LX1 Reset Frp Via ADB Method Done Octopus Huawei Tool
  184. "Not reboot after flash" option [Answered]
  185. p smart fig-lx1 network unlock error [Solved]
  186. huawei cam-l21 frp remove failed [Answered]
  187. Huawei Y7 Prime2018 Successfully Flash With Octopus Huawei Tool
  188. Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 Successfully Repair Info Done With Octopus Huawei Tool
  189. PRA-LX1 Bootloop state [Answered]
  190. FRD-L19 need board firmware [Answered]
  191. Honor 5A (LYO-L21) imei repair problem [Solved]
  192. Huawei MediaPad T3 7.0 BG2-W09 system upgrade fail [Answered]
  193. huawei lyol01 not connected error [Answered]
  194. Huawei P30 Pro VOG-AL10 Dead Boot Repair Flashing error [Answered]
  195. Huawei p10 VTR-L09 need board firmware! [Solved]
  196. Hello Dear Octopus Team Plz Add These New Models On Octopus Huawei [Answered]
  197. ‪PRA-LX1‬ Error: Server Authorization failed. ‪Response timed out [Answered]
  198. Huawei CAN-L11 Reset Frp Successfully With Octopus Huawei Tool
  199. dua-al00 imei and rebrand need [Answered]
  200. Pot-LX1 downgrade error [Answered]