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  1. How to disable one click Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 mode?
  2. Just Know About Feature? and need some improvements.!!
  3. huawei scl-tl00 factory reset done////
  4. AQUA Dongle V3.7 Dubble Update Vivo MTK Exclusive & Dongle Manager v1.3 Update
  5. Aqua manager 1.3 and latset update 3.7
  6. Aqua Dongle Please Help!!!!!
  7. NOKIA C1 ta-1165 parttrn reset done by Aqua doogle
  8. Request the installation file for the latest version.
  9. Moto_E6_Plus_XT2025-2_MT6765 Logo Hang
  10. Oppo A57 extract ofp ok but not found files
  11. Samsung Galaxy J4 Core SM-J410F U2 FRP REMOVE DONE
  12. Blackberry 9320 direct Mep0 unlock successfully
  13. Aqua Dongle V3.6 Huawei Offline Com1.0 & Qualcomm Big Update 18/10/2020
  14. oppo f9 cph1825 imei repair??????
  15. qmobile i6 metal hd frp failed
  16. Qmobile X700 PRO Lite FRP Reset Done By AQUA Dongle
  17. samasung repaire network or repaire imei
  18. asus zenpad c 7.0 flashing done
  19. aqua dongle huawei upgrade mode
  20. Vivo Y15 PD1901 Factory Reset Done By AQUA Dongle
  21. Vivo Y11 PD1930F (1906) Frp + Factory Reset in Edl Mode By Aqua Dongle
  22. TECNO-B1f Format Done
  23. QMobile Blue 5 F.R.p Reset Done
  24. Infinix-X650 F.R.p Reset Done
  25. Infinix Hot S3 X573B FullFlash Done
  26. infinix after flashing half apps fix
  27. star plus frp remove done
  28. vivo y11 1906 show frp reset done but still on frp plz help
  29. Hllo Aqua dongle
  30. AQUA Dongle V3.5 Huawei Offline Unlimited Update No Yearly 06/10/2020
  31. Huawei Y7 Prime (2018) LDN-L21 F.R.p Reset Done
  32. qmobile evok power lite first logo hang recover by aqua dongle
  33. Oppo A1K DAT0 is lost ???
  34. Mione Q7 T702 F.R.p Reset Done
  35. Mione Q7 T702 Format Done
  36. Infinix Hot5 X559C Factory Data & F.R.p Reset Done
  37. OPPO A5S CPH1909 Factory Data Reset Done Latest Security
  38. QMobile i6i F.R.p Reset Done
  39. VgoTel New5 Format Done
  40. OPPO A71 Qualcomm User Code Reset Done
  41. Samsung G532F F.R.p Reset Done
  42. Nokia 2 Ta-1029 Format Done
  43. LG G2 VS980 4G Factory Data Reset Done
  44. Please huawei direct app flasher
  45. HUAWEI Y5p remove id
  46. redmi note 8 frp
  47. MOTOROLA C XT1750 Frp Remove Done 1 Click With Aqua Tool
  48. Unbrick Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (raphael) bounty
  49. Hallo aqua team plz add HTC thats very important
  50. xiaomi mi8 and mi8se Full Flashing fail
  51. MTK Manual DA Not working...
  52. How to fix nokia 2.1-ta1080/84/86 loader error fix aqua dongle
  53. LG k410 pattern Remove without data loss Aqua dongle
  54. xiaomi 9 no support flash
  55. WOW Fix redmi 7a system destroyed by Aqua dongle flash with offline authorization
  56. oppo cph2083 solution needed
  57. Oppo a1k cph1923 & realme c2 isp point tested by mirza asim for aqua dongle
  58. Redmi 6 pro flash authorization failure
  59. Redmi note7 global 11.0.1 reset password not work
  60. xiaomi mi9 support flash ?
  61. huawei 6x volume keys not work but pattern remove aqua dongle download mode 1.0
  62. Nokia support?
  63. vivo reset screen locks without lose data...
  64. Dear aqua team manegar.
  65. Dear aqua team manegar.
  66. AQUA Dongle V3.4 BIG Nokia Features Module & Qualcomm Update Release
  67. Qmobile q infinity frp remove one click aqua dongle
  68. To the Team
  69. Hisense U989 FRP RESET DONE WITH Aqua
  70. Oppo A3s CPH1853 ISP Pinout EMMC Pinout aqua tame
  71. Hurrican FLAME PLUS Netwrk unlock DONE
  72. AQUA Dongle V3.3 Super Update Xiaomi Offline, OPPO OFP Extract & SPD Released
  73. jazz digit 4g flash file
  74. whats the problem with this forume [Solved]
  75. samsung j120h frp done....
  76. nokia 5 fail frp..... [ANSWERED]
  77. Please add SPD & Huawei [Solved]
  78. qmobile i8i spd 7731c flashing failed [ANSWERED]
  79. aqual team please add these models [ANSWERED]
  80. dub-lx2
  81. bugs found
  82. Arabic tutorial aqua dongle demo video
  83. AQUA Dongle V3.2 Exclusive [OPPO OFP Extract eMMc ISP Qualcomm MTK SPD Vivo ZTE]
  84. MOBIWIRE Halona FRP done by aqua dongle
  85. Arabic tutorial aqua dongle regisration n get license and download setup
  86. Condor plume p6 pro lte flashing done
  87. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 fix boot loop done
  88. pra-la1 frp reset
  89. Aِِِrabic tutorial AQUA DONGLE Download Manager setup
  90. pinout oppo reno 2f
  91. failed repaire imei ...... [Solved]
  92. possible?
  93. Moto g8 play support for imei repair and reset frp
  94. Aqua Dongle V3.1 Vivo, Qualcomm, SPD & MTK With Exclusive Features Update
  95. update 3.1
  96. Vodafone 1296 frp reset done
  97. nova 3i
  98. spd frp sc7731e
  99. Qmobile I6i FRP Reset Done BY AQUA Dongle
  100. OPPO cph1923 Pattern Pin locks Remove Aqua dongle
  101. samsung j500h frp
  102. Oppo a1k
  103. 2014912 Mi hm note 1S
  104. nokia 1 or nokia 3 pattern pin or frp lock remove one click by aqua dongle
  105. Oppo A71 QLM Pin Lock Reset Done By AQUA Dongle
  106. How to Add Select Auto & Manul Loaders In Aqua Dongle
  107. Tecno Spark 4 (KC2) FRP failed [ANSWERED]
  108. samsung g361h frp not reset
  109. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact SO-02G Docomo Pattern Lock Reset Done
  111. Oppo CPH1923 Pin lock Remove BY Aqua Dongle
  112. I can't buy Aqua dongle
  113. QMobile X700 PRO II Format Done
  114. VgoTel New 5 Format Done
  115. Qmobile i6 Metal 2017 F.R.p Reset Done
  116. LG G2 D802 Format Done
  117. TECNO WX3 F.R.p Reset Done
  118. Jazz Digit4G KaiOS Format Done
  119. Oppo F7 (CPH1819) Imei repair [Not Supported]
  120. QMobile i8i_2019 factory reset [Request]
  121. sc 7731e cpu support
  122. AQUA Dongle A.I.O Eid Special SPD & MTK Update V3.0 Released 31-Jul-2020
  123. motorola XT1609 frp reset done by Aqua Dongle
  124. Need suppor imei repair
  125. About the aqua dongle DA where I stick it
  126. Aqua team
  127. AQUA Dongle All Module V2.9 [SPD Module Hot New Features] Update 28-07-2020
  128. Please add MTK virus cleaner
  129. aqua dongle team ..
  130. Oppo .OFP extract
  131. Qmobile S2 Pro Factory reset done
  132. Samsung J500F U2 Frp Reset Done by Aqua Dongle
  133. Samsung G532F Frp Reset Done by Aqua Dongle
  134. Oppo A37F Restart Done By Aqua Dongle
  135. Lenovo A1000 Spd 773x Imei Repair Done With Aqua-Dongle
  136. Aqua Dongle Registration and DA Information here
  137. Nous espérons que vous ajouterez redmi [ANSWERED]
  138. good job aqua team but sprd all cpu added pls [ANSWERED]
  139. Infinix Note 7 (X690B) Boot-loop [ANSWERED]
  140. Can not register new dongle [ANSWERED]
  141. AQUA Dongle All Module V2.8 Vivo MTK Exclusive, Main MTK & Qualcomm Update 22-07-2020
  142. dubble post
  143. sony st21i2 code remove success
  144. Vivo 1812 Y81i factory reset success
  145. Q mobile lt200 logo hang fix done
  146. OPPO A5S CPH1909 New Security Password Reset Done
  147. Software not work
  148. Download link [Solved]
  149. AQUA Dongle A.I.O Module V2.7 Huawei Special & Qualcomm IMEI Repair New 19-07-2020
  150. testing
  151. Infinix X559C Frp Reset Done
  152. ikon TAb IK-800W Format Done
  153. Qmobile Noir A1 lite F.R.p Reset Done
  154. FNB X1 Network Unlock Done In Ftm Mode 1 Click With Aqua Dongle :)
  155. Vodacom Kicka 5 Network Unlock Done Remotely For Client :)
  156. ZTE BLADE V7 LITE(V0720)FRP Removed 1 Click :)
  157. how to remove pin/pass vivo s1 pro
  158. oppo f9
  159. AQUA Dongle Manager V1.2 Now 3 Diffrent Server & GUI Update Released 14-jul-2020
  160. help on new manager 1.2b
  161. Oppo A37f failed to read/repair of QCN/IMEI
  162. privacy lock remove
  163. Invalid File Name Error [Solved]
  164. OPPO A5S CPH1909 Screen Lock Reset Without Data Loss By Aqua Done
  166. Aqua Dongle How To Use Spd Flash Tool | Aqua Dongle All In One Multi Tool
  167. Infinix Hot 5 X559C Frp Remove Done
  168. Infinix Hot S3X X622 Frp Remove Done
  169. About the FRP option on SPD phones SPEATRUM [ANSWERED]
  170. AQUA Dongle A.I.O Module V2.6 SPD Module Enable & Xiaomi Qcom Update 11-07-2020
  171. Blackberry 9320 unlock done
  172. Add backup firmware on Please how can I back up firmware on *ZTE ZX97520V3 chipset
  173. Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B in dongle manager [ANSWERED]
  174. Xiaomi Redmi 8 Failed QCN/IMEI
  175. ViVo Y90 Full Reset Done With Aqua Dongle 💯
  176. Qmobile M350 Format & F.R.p Remove Done
  177. dra-l21 cant boot
  178. AQUA Dongle v2.5 A.I.O Module Update Released 06/7/2020
  179. AQUA Dongle Manager V1.1 link not working
  180. New to the dongle
  181. LG D620 Stuck In Upgrade Mode Fixed 1Click By Aqua Dongle
  182. OPPO F5 CPH1723 & CPH1725 Pin Or Pattern lock Remove Without data loss By Aqua Done
  183. AQUA Dongle Manager V1.1 Second Server & Other Improvement Update Released 30/06/2020
  184. QMobile Evok Power F.R.p Reset Done
  185. Vivo 1823 Y90 Pattern Lock Factory Reset Done BY Aqua Dongle
  186. ViVo V11 1806 Factory Reset Done With Aqua Dongle
  187. QMobile ENERGY X1 F.R.p Reset Done
  188. OPPO A72 network unlock available ?
  189. Dear sir, possible to bypass screen lock LG-M250k [ANSWERED]
  190. AQUA Dongle v2.4 A.I.O BIG Update MTK Qualcomm Vivo Oppo Lg Sony & More 27/6/2020
  191. HUAWEI CRO-U00 Reset F.R.p Done
  192. Rivo Mobile Rx88 F.R.P Reset Done
  193. QMobile X700 PRO Lite Format Done
  194. LG G2 LTE-A F320S Factory Reset Done
  195. Samsung G610F F.R.p Reset Done
  196. HUAWEI CUN-U29 Format Done
  197. Motorola E4 Plus MTK IMEI
  198. manager: debugger is found on this machine [ANSWERED]
  199. this models soported imei repair motorola XT1662 [ANSWERED]
  200. Haier HM-I507-W frp done