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  1. How to solve it? not installed any crack
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  26. Mi 10 [ANSWERED]
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  29. Mi 11 Lite 5G NE (lisa_mx_tc_global) change to lisa_global firmware With EMT [SOLVED]
  30. Redmi note 10 pro (sweet_global) Downgrade Firmware+Reset ID with EMT [SOLVED]
  31. EMT v3.37.01 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Apr 12, 2024]
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  33. Poco x3 NFC (surya_global) Downgrade Firmware with EMT+Reset ID [SOLVED]
  34. POCO X3 PRO (vayu_global) Downgrade Firmware+Reset Id & FRP with EMT [SOLVED]
  35. EMT v3.37.00 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Mar 31, 2024]
  36. Emt tool added remove oppo and vivo id by adb but how can i do that [ANSWERED]
  37. Redmi note 5 pro disable locks not working [ANSWERED]
  38. CPH2091 Remove demo not done
  39. BST Firmware update server not working
  40. Vivo Y3 V1930A factory reset and frp remove done test point
  41. Plz add : Functions / FRP SAMSUNG MTK /Direct in Download Mode
  42. OPPO A57T Reset FRP Done
  45. EMT v3.36.00 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Dec 27, 2023]
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  47. EME Website now woking again
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  53. when will new update come on eme tool (Closed)
  56. unable to log in
  57. Failed to connect to server please try again?
  59. reno 4 pro demo
  60. Redmi 6, RESET ID?
  61. Why eme tool is best for regular (EMT)
  62. Waiting for Vivo oppo new no tp update in emt which is my 1st choice
  63. mi 10 lite 5G server error 403 Forbidden
  64. EMT Update v3.35, Failed to connect to server [ANSWERED]
  65. EMT V3.335 EMT, failed [ANSWERED]
  66. EMT v3.35.00 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Aug 15, 2023]
  67. xiaomi Mi 10T remove mi account done but !!
  68. support new phones
  69. please refund 4 credit of ota update
  70. R11S cph1719 after factory reset loop boot.
  71. MI 9 Cepheus [Success Report]
  72. EMT v3.33.00 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: May 18, 2023]
  73. Server down [ANSWERED]
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  79. Xiaomi 9t
  81. EMT v3.32.00 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Apr 18, 2023]
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  84. other tools fail eme done
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  86. hi sir need help [ANSWERED]
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  95. Huawei Maimang 10 SE
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  105. Lge-nx9 problem
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  122. PROMOTION-2023 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Best festival Best discount!
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  132. Refund my credit [SOLVED]
  133. recovery 3.0 to 5.0 [ANSWERED]
  134. Support Please [ANSWERED]
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  137. EMT v3.29.02 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Nov 21, 2022]
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  139. mi 11 lite 5g renoir reset id, disable ota done!
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  141. EMT v3.29.00 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Nov 17, 2022]
  142. Iqoo 5g reset done
  143. Help [ANSWERED]
  144. A71_2018 (CPH1801) New Security EMT not supported [ANSWERED]
  145. Oppo Ace 2 , Error Connecting to Sahara ... [SOLVED]
  146. Vivo v17 FRP Remove One Click EMT Tool
  147. Redmi 9a Mi account Reset Done
  148. help me [ANSWERED]
  149. EMT v3.28.00 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Nov 3, 2022]
  150. cph2207 not connect [SOLVED]
  151. Help!!! Redmi Note 10 Pro ENT read info and factory reset failed!!! [ANSWERED]
  152. Realme RMX3301 support [ANSWERED]
  153. World First! Support Xiaomi Reset ID, Reset FRP, Disable OTA Updates etc functions
  154. Redmi 5 Plus vince
  155. EMT v3.27.00 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Oct 22, 2022]
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  158. Vivo mtk6765 new securiy done eme tool
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  161. Emt tool team add this [ANSWERED]
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  163. Alcatel 9032x unlocking
  164. help me [ANSWERED]
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  167. All Guide Video Support Flash/Remove Erase FRP/(One Click)Meta Factory Reset EMT
  168. Tcl 305 6102d frp
  169. Eme tool authentication
  170. Reset Mi Account
  171. Note 8t mi account [SOLVED]
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  173. EMT Authorization for BST
  174. Mi Account Unlock by Sideload cost? [ANSWERED]
  175. EMT v3.26.00 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Sep 29, 2022]
  176. EMT v3.25.02 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Sep 26, 2022]
  177. EMT v3.25.01 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Sep 22, 2022]
  178. Mi 10T 5G/10T Pro 5G/Redmi K30S Apollo Mi Account Done Emt beta test
  179. Redmi K30 5G/Racing Edition Mi Account Done EMT Beta test
  180. Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite Mi account Done Beta test EMT
  181. Mi 10 Lite Zoom (Youth) 5G vangogh Mi Account Done EMT Beta
  182. xiaomi note 9 pro 5G Mi account Done EMT- BEta
  183. Xiaomi Mi 9 Mi ACCOUNT Remove done EMT beta
  184. Xiaomi 10s 5g mi Account remove Done EMT Beta test
  185. Y30 (PD1987F,PD1987BF) PL+FRP Remove Done With EMT
  186. xiaomi mi10t apollo [ANSWERED]
  187. IQOO 7 Legend V2049A unlock bootloader to go global [ANSWERED]
  188. Y19 (PD1934F) Unbricked FIx By EMT
  189. oppo find X2 lite cph2005 FACTORY RESET [ANSWERED]
  190. oppo cph2025 demo (answered)
  191. my account is not saved [ANSWERED]
  192. haw to flash readmi note 7
  193. Nokia x10
  194. Please support Vivo Y21A V2149 (answered)
  195. please help change pc or licencia [ANSWERED]
  196. redmi 9C
  197. EMT v3.24.00 Released - Discussion Here [UPD: Aug 22, 2022]
  198. xiaomi edl 9008 cable [ANSWERED]
  199. A54 (CPH2236,CPH2239,CPH2241) Pattern Remove done
  200. CPH2025 Pin Locked Support [ANSWERED]