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  1. Read Carefully & Please Post Your Reply About GII Program
  2. UFCV2 + TMA ( GPGindustries ) VS UFC3GS ( MXKey Team )
  3. MX KEY 'the box killer'
  4. www.trust-gsm.com Codes, Logs, Activations
  5. Unlocking scam - Unlocking Online Ltd UK
  6. Once again Manole proves he does not care about his users
  7. What is THE SUBSIDY
  8. Mr Manole hijacked jaf boxes to sell his MX_Key Interface.
  9. which boxes supports windows 7?
  10. Whom is killing the JAF Boxes
  11. be carefull Ipmart
  12. What would you do if seller claim he send the parcel?
  13. BEST NOKIA DCT4 IMEI rebuilder
  14. @gsm-source
  15. Shall We Trust?
  16. [email protected]
  17. Are you Ready ???
  18. Who's the best, and bigger subsidy codes supplier??
  19. RPL server works or not ?
  20. GsmFreeShop-SERVER
  21. Dont believe
  22. Why HWK no more updates
  23. i need boxes z3x and jaf
  24. day by day jaf box kill by update
  25. SCAM Fraudulent website : UnlockData.co.uk **************.co.uk SCAM!!!
  26. Best box for china phone 2010
  27. Are you making money with USTPRO2 gadget?
  28. Which Team Is Best For Customer Support
  29. what is the best for bay ???
  30. i wanted o know this to jaf team see here
  31. Today my first job done with MR.999 Great and best service
  32. GPG very good products! But very bad service!!!
  33. Unlockbase.com server very unproffesional
  34. Mathias Oysmueller Paypal Cheater
  35. nokia N86 country lock , from where i will get the code to unlock it
  36. A1-Services : Pl clarify the status
  37. best box for china all cpu
  38. MX-Key and P-Key on same machine
  39. my pkey login fail after upgrading to jaf new version
  40. Best for LG: Z3X LG, Octopus Box, Vygis
  41. Beaware big cheaters of rpls
  42. remoteunlock.eu
  43. This Is Original Ufs Update Client ???
  44. ******** is a big cheater
  45. ..::IDEA::..BUY Cheap box cable credit etc. Only for CUSTOMERS NOT for Reseller.
  46. Best CABLES AND BEST SUPPORT & Service
  47. !!!Jaf New Update- WORTH/WORTHLESS!!!
  48. Movilking disrespectful to muslims also named desbloking
  49. Do not supply Movilking or [email protected]
  50. Dont do business with taariq the scammer
  51. Unlock/Flashing/Repair Training UK ?
  52. Beware, Another Scam by RAJA ELECTRONICS of Kolkata,West Bengal, India..
  53. GPG GOOD Products but BAD SERVICE
  54. list of those who hate ZULIA and MANNOLE
  55. Which Team will Support Nokia new CPU
  56. Dongle for iphone
  57. Best box for china
  58. PolarBox2 or Microbox ?? which to buy ? tell me the good /bad in each !
  59. Who have his Multibox working, who think it's usefull box?
  60. Feed Back Required
  61. like unlock and imei of i450-i455
  62. which is best for chinese miracle??
  63. www.electronics-gdl.com(( any one know them??
  64. UB or MX key
  65. Beware Fake Paypal Security Reason Email!
  66. Zulea and Raskal, war is worse then ignore
  67. message to Atlanta telecom Bangladesh
  68. "zulia" or "raskel" who is right in thier war
  69. Please admin, moderator or *** ....
  70. Mx-key best nokia, blackberry and htc unlocking tool what's next? :)
  71. is the best box for lg?
  72. Does Alim Hape Really Exist?
  73. welc0me h0me saras.....ufs & hwk
  74. Dorian2004 Second GSM World Killer!
  75. What About HWK Team.
  76. Z3X Box vs TestBox2
  77. It is Raskal mental illness by calling so many ppl cheaters and criminals?
  79. mx key killed our buisness
  80. http://rightwholesele.com trustabel ??
  81. Best BB and HTC box of this year??
  82. Your Own FREE GSM Video sharing website like gsmtube.com
  83. which box is the best for HTC ?
  84. I m really grateful to my mother who inspired me a lot to be what I m today in GSM..
  85. People asking for free codes with no posts
  86. Poll : About issue JAF Fimware BOX
  87. samrat singh is a big cheater
  88. What do you think, MX-Key Team will release their Own Box ?
  89. which box best for sagem
  90. which box best for sagem
  91. Cyclone or Advance Turbo Flasher (ATF) ?
  92. Amazing water-proof test of a bluetooth headset
  93. beware of clone ufshwkplus box
  94. @Admin - why not move to no more support section?
  95. Which is the best box for Nokia (To Buy in 2010)
  96. Report Faulty JAF boxes after latest "Beta 65"
  97. <GSMSP Poor Services!!!And Christope not so Serious man!!!>
  98. skystartrade
  99. Final result on the poll
  100. stop to give free code Yes? or no?
  101. dudkhflks
  102. F Gold vs polar
  103. GSMLIBERTY.COM blocked my nspro and no replyi
  104. infinity got without smart card
  105. why programmers are not interested in sagem M90 OMAP BASED
  106. .:stop killing market by giving unlock code for memeber who are here just for that:.
  107. You want free BB Tool ??
  108. Spares supplier...?
  109. jaf 2 V/S mx box
  110. 4 @ Odia
  111. warning for harry of moviltronca
  112. Which the best tool of samsung z3x or nspro
  113. Control the GSM Market from being Killed
  114. Are you willing to buy JAF2 box
  115. Whos man behind this killing our pkey dongle?? Lets vote/talk it..
  116. warinng hacking
  117. "universalbox erase my post"
  118. Sony Ericsson Idou ..coming soon
  119. Advance turbo Flasher will give a long time support?
  120. What it's the best motorola tool?
  121. Famous Hackers and Crackers in GSM unlocking
  122. Who are victims of this Manole and Raskal war?
  123. Stop war btn Jaf team and Mx team
  124. An Idea How To Kill Of Market Killing Mx Product
  125. GOOGLE G1 unlock by ALLGSMODE.NET
  126. Toshiba G500 Charcing Socket
  127. NS PRO make your update free to sell more box...
  128. For..:jaf:.. Which is beter?? Cracked or also use with mx-key
  129. Don't buy wifi-box!!! I am victim why i bu----i post here becase they delete my post.
  130. 2010 RACE EVENT MX-key team V/S JAF team
  131. MX-key Vs Cyclone
  132. About new promissed JAF update
  133. Bad Support of JAF Sector (Justic)
  134. Beware GSM SOFTWARE Customers From This Man...
  135. Furious Team should free Unlock LG3G ?
  136. Looking for a prgram that will repair cdma blackberry esn's
  137. TurkishGSMteam and YAYPEL "CLAIM" to have an A2 SonyEric IMEI change dongle FAKEŽ??
  138. J.A.F =.zzz...zzZZ..ZZzz.
  139. Be aware members do not buy ET- BOX
  140. if jaf & hwk box firmware block mxkey
  141. which it's the surprise with mx-key???
  142. Which box supports G five
  143. poll standalone solutions should be closed
  144. polarbox VS furious gold whats the best for buy??
  145. are you setisfied with mxkey or still wait for jaf update
  146. Recently acquired BB-Key Unlock Dongle, but it is not working at all...
  147. My hotmail acount hacked plz take care
  148. which is the best for samsung(z3x..ust)
  149. warnning for all form Thieves hacker
  150. Hi113
  151. why black berry
  152. Blackberry Unlocking business gone
  153. GSMLIBERTY.COM blocked my nspro
  154. J.a.u hasta gone?
  155. What u think abt Latest Attack on JAU & Cyclone FRom Manole
  156. Furious Gold Poor Customer Service??
  157. >>>BE carefull new cheater<<<
  158. Best box for the motorola
  159. Post here your experience with MX-Key
  160. Furious Blackberry is Fail Dongle even Furious Gold
  161. Problem with Tornado Infra from NarryGSM
  162. DITS cables , Bad quality product
  163. bought rapid share accounts from him & now the accounts dont work!
  164. GPG Product with out support
  165. cracking kill the gsm market. stop cracking
  166. @ MXKEY users
  167. Scammers on forum
  168. The box / Dongle which doesn't need activation
  169. Don't Buy GPG HWK
  170. Yan Rouimy - The Online Evil cheater Seller
  171. this is the worst service i ever seen
  172. Be aware of msn ID [email protected]
  173. 2010 Cheater Siliconrush - Aditya Verma
  174. 2010 Cheater Siliconrush - Aditya Verma
  175. wich box realise unlock nokia 1661 1662 5030
  176. *********.com
  177. The best cheater in town with lots of members
  178. Furious vs Z3x vs Vigys vs Polar for lg
  179. 3000 ub logs stolen
  180. Useless polls about Furious vs Polar vs Infinity & others
  181. Feedback : How is the GSM business in your country? Still making money?
  182. Advance BOX update! it is TRUE or NOT?
  183. Warninig beware of Cheater Alfred Schnitger who is from Spain!!
  184. The definitive poll
  186. Need Help from All Members
  187. Unlock nokia 1600 cyclonebox for moulnisky deleted !!! WHY ?????
  188. wrost support and box of the year 2009
  189. Problems fixed in gsmlocks.com
  190. dongle bb-key blackberry
  191. www.blackberrycodes.net
  192. Genie Universal Team / Dani / Alex
  193. Z3x TEAM PROBLEM ?! Where are LG Activations ?????????
  194. Helpppppppppppppppppp
  195. Never buy from luna commerce
  196. UB box hardware weak?
  197. what do you think about mico box team
  198. Bad new team in the market
  199. USA GSM Phones
  200. I threw MX-Key To the Toilet