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  1. request some patch ''MP3 Fast forword''
  2. A problem about the 64KB limit of FAM
  3. s40 missing inbox
  4. Modyfication vibra in USIv3
  5. what string id application menu for change text
  6. why i can't use MiniGPS with some patch.
  7. One more modyfication
  8. how to Add profile logo font like this picture ?
  9. Exit from Sms
  10. 2 questions
  11. Close all programs at preset time
  12. request patch RECCORD Button While Keylocked
  13. A60 v-klay OTP patch needed.
  14. Percent Indicator in Mp3
  15. how to know anothere Entry Point for Fav. patch
  16. Switch off vibra and text:new message...when I receive report
  17. request patch.my idia
  18. question about patch BFB.
  19. my mesage when s\end sendding report 0E60
  20. Please modify (Prorammable) Red Button Menu (v2) for long press
  21. need fullflash for sl45i ERGENT!!!!
  22. help me please.about shut down picture
  23. request wait icon
  24. A Great Flash: Remote control the phone via SMS command
  25. Bug in ESI - Extended Firmware String ID
  26. How do change name in function APP patch
  27. problem with one of the patches, dunno which
  28. Error reports in some patches
  29. I Need Mc60 imei change Patch!!
  30. x65 imei patch
  31. these patch how to use and for what ?
  32. Icon changing question
  33. Please, say to me that there is a program or a patch to turn off the light!!!
  34. OpenBFB for SL45v56: Question
  35. Dictophone switch off if ringing?
  36. Portuguese mate
  37. Patch request: NSM. v0.4 selectable
  38. Need patch flash for MC60
  39. SL45i MAX patch
  41. SME45i replacing ringtones
  42. Loadable Ring Tone bug
  43. What software for make or open *.lng
  44. About x65 java patch ?
  45. Count of MissCall
  46. Help: C56v29 Menu patch
  47. ICD v2.2 small question
  48. c61 unlock -- java patch??
  49. Patch for "Playing sound when Multiline icon appears"
  50. S/ME45i Death while type SMS or Browsing Menu..
  51. C60 fw26 or fw27 with patch for 4,14 MB...
  52. Quest for picture messages patch
  53. sl45i make me crazy???????
  54. RX level in db and batery in %. It is posible?
  55. improved net indicator and cosumption of battery
  56. how to patch
  57. SOL3 install, and handree dont work!?
  58. Dataexchange software (version2.6.7) protect "Addressbook folder" can't replace.
  59. C60 Imei v23 patch looking....
  60. Show icon "home/office/mobile help please
  61. Have any patch for A35 ?
  62. Do you have Patch or anyway for use playlist can insert song more than 30song or not?
  63. SX1 Patches Generator
  64. A52 Patching with V-Klay problem
  65. PatchBase
  66. Sound Volume Of Sx1
  67. Any Function Logo v1.1 question
  68. Patch for SMSext061 shortcut
  69. ICF and ANM
  70. SME45iv04 - organizer shortcut EP - strange behaviour!
  71. Green Button problem
  72. Problem with JAF. Just Another Funny Display
  73. Need string numbers for lng file
  74. Any Function Logo - Add-On v1.1 question
  75. NSMv.02 SELECTABLE collides with More Fixed Shortcut
  76. Help needed with collection of patches
  77. Two Bugs in Compression of SMS, final
  78. SMS Text Style problem
  79. aplication menu v3 question
  80. Use online mode of V_Klay (mamaich patch)?
  81. What is midp-tck?
  82. Two SME45i patch ideas
  83. Improved Security SMS for SL45i
  84. SL45i all in one
  85. SME45i and Flexmem
  86. FW15 language patch
  87. Disassembler
  88. EEPROM images edition
  89. SME45iv04 and Flash SMS
  90. Sx1 Winswup Patch_mem
  91. SME45iv04 - russian patches - who is able to translate?
  92. Sx1 Patch
  93. Read problems with Java applications
  94. Rx bat level together with standard indicators. How to do it in SL45i?
  95. hang up and call back patch
  96. MiniGPS v1.2 Help
  97. SME45i "Java" fake
  98. Auto copy Adress Book Entry
  99. NEWEST profile logo patch - SME45iv04
  100. Phone not booting after eeprom fix
  101. File Extension Change
  102. C60 with AMD flash type : What is the last version unlockable with java patch ? v23?
  103. Patch question MC60 10
  104. MY sl45i's left menu key isnt working.. Plz Help...
  105. How to use Backup from adressbook?
  106. SCI - back to all writing method?
  107. can't use siemens sensor tool -- help :))
  108. Patch Modifiers Here!!
  109. HELP: CDR ruined my MMC
  110. java and CDR?
  111. simple question
  112. Canīt load ANY bitmaps...
  113. SLIKv56: Midlets.
  114. Left Softkey for Listening to Callers' Messages
  115. Rizas Unread SMS Indicator - possibilty to trap annother screen region?
  116. Serious Compatibility Problem Between ANM & RAC
  117. SCI SMS Counter Info - error 50000 SMS received?
  118. Incoming Call Display, Hidden Number, need help
  119. Direct Send Message v.1 - who has it?
  120. RIZAPN THANK YOU - ANM patch
  121. online patching sl4x-> now phone turns off
  122. to Mr. rc-filtzer:Real answering machine question
  123. Fam
  124. Loadable Ring Tones - Questions and Ideas
  125. Just Another Battery & Signal Indicator Problem
  126. Playlist of MP3's Problem
  127. Call (and SMS) Detail Record v2 question
  128. Noise indicator ??
  129. Log Reader midlet
  130. SL45i high bitrate MP3s problem
  131. Patch for assign any SMS melody to any number?
  132. APS - Auto profile swaping - NOT WORKING
  133. Patch C60 when charging vibra yes
  134. Some Questions
  135. Call Ends after 4:30 Minutes
  136. Changing Texts in Application Menu V3.0
  137. New way of patching - just an idea
  138. how to record long time?
  139. TO Dear RizaPN
  140. ASF. Archive Sub Folder access
  141. PROBLEM with s55
  142. "Bugs" in Thread SLIKv56: Flash patches
  143. Digital clock
  144. SMS Counter for SL45i
  145. SMS List Indicator Patch: Moving the text ?
  146. Moving date/clock
  147. Can i send flash sms with S55?
  148. Animated SMS - Sample Pictures with Patch
  149. Full Screen Animation on SMS sending?
  150. Quick SMS deletion
  151. C60 with 3.37MB memory
  152. patched SL45i v56 switches off during conversation
  153. !!! MC60 Flash Patches !!!
  154. How to change address book's default "input method"????
  155. !!! 1GB MMC on SLIK !!!
  156. supernet patch ????
  157. C60 Firmware changelog
  158. A Call To Arms (s56)
  159. Could i take the developer menu data?
  160. Animated Menu Buttons - :)
  161. Auto Record Patch
  162. SL45i PATCH PROBLEM : shortcut to SMS while listening MP3...
  163. which is the rite patch to use for autorecord conversation!!!
  164. [SL45i] need patch:autorecord talking with dictaphone
  165. PATCHES X35i : yeah there're !!!
  166. PATCH APPLICATION MANU ( SL45i - V56 ) : help...
  167. SL45i : Selectable Force Backlight Always On/Off
  168. Patch for S55 Fw90?
  169. Sl45i play mp3 and load the battery at the same time
  170. Adress book memory fulll
  171. Problem c60
  172. 115200 patch is it the maximum??
  173. SL45i & MP3 Player List : GREAT PROBLEM...
  174. Easiest way for animated logo
  175. SOL 3 for Operator with 2 lines ?
  176. Patch request
  177. how to patch sl45i
  178. Java Machine - Heap Memory
  179. SOL Selectable Operator Logo Patch
  180. Need PATCH FOR AUTO-START FOR S/M45 OR 3618!!!!!
  181. Call Records
  182. s55 digital clock patch serius BUG
  183. how to use a different button to make calls - send (green) button dead
  184. about this ST@# phone s46
  185. sfe: Siemens Flash Explorer
  186. need help
  187. Automatic power ON for SLIK
  188. About AFA. Another_Function_of_Appointment
  189. Please help me Mr RizaPN
  190. S55 v20 Java Class Verification -> Disable
  191. To patch the phone or the flash file
  192. NEW patch idea
  193. Deadly Help from the Patching Experts....
  194. Need help with this patching problem
  195. S55 Patch: Handsfree Mode befor Call
  196. Delivery Report Flash Patch
  197. c35i patch
  198. S35i v18 invert display
  199. Help: Password for SMS
  200. Black List Patch